Could Chris Pratt, Star of ‘Terminal List’, Cut It Like a Navy SEAL? ‘Anyone who says yes is an asshole,’ says actor

For Kevin Costner’s farmer Ray Kinsella in Field of dreamsit was “If you build it, they will come.”

For Navy SEAL veteran and bestselling author Jack Carr, it was “If you write it, he’ll star.”

Carr says he wrote his own Terminal list series of books—about the exploits of Navy Seal James Reece, who uncovers some disturbing conspiracies in the highest ranks of the US government—with Guardians of the Universe and Jurassic World star Chris Pratt in mind.

Pratt signed on almost immediately, not only to star, but also to executive produce the new Amazon series. The terminal list† Carr also scored his dream director, Training day and equalizer helmsman Antoine Fuqua.

“I mean this couldn’t have been in better hands because when you make something and hand it over to someone else, in this case this great team, it’s all about trust,” Carr told Yahoo Entertainment at a recent virtual press day. for the series, where he was joined by Fuqua and showrunner David DiGilio (watch above).

Pratt was on board largely because of his respect for the armed forces.

“100 percent,” he says. “That was a huge determining factor in choosing an option for this book and bringing it to the screen. It was incredibly authentic. I think that’s the main thing people are excited about when they read it.” The terminal list is ‘Wow, it’s very refreshing to get a clearly authentic point of view into the life of a Navy SEAL commander’ and that’s Jack Carr and his experience with combat deployments abroad… But yeah, that was the reason that we did it, the authenticity and to honor these men and women.”

Chris Pratt The terminal list. (Season 1, ep. 101, airing July 1, 2022). photo: Justin Lubin / © Amazon / Courtesy Everett Collection

The same goes for his co-stars.

“You’re serving something bigger than yourself and when you get a call like that to go do this and be a part of that community,” says Taylor Kitsch.

“What those men and women are going through and what they are doing for our country is so important and it’s important for me to honor them,” explains Constance Wu.

But does Pratt think he’d have what it takes to be a Navy SEAL — famously the U.S. military’s toughest, best-trained, most elite arm — in real life?

“First of all, anyone who ever answers ‘yes’ to that question is an asshole,” the star says candidly.

“Even if they believe a little, maybe in the back of mind, maybe no, the answer must be ‘No’. You can’t possibly understand or understand what these guys go through in a hellish week, let alone the full BUD/S training So I doubt it very much I think most people don’t have the makeup to pull it off I’m blessed to be in the position as an actor and producer to be able to share this story on screen That’s my journey, but I do it because I have such an affinity with the guys who can actually cut it,” Pratt says.

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The terminal list is now streaming on Prime Video.

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