Being a celebrity is hard work, but growing up as the child of a star brings its own part of the struggle that is often overlooked. Earlier this weekend, a famous rapper’s daughter jumped on her Instagram story to rant about some of the problems she’s been having in her love life lately.

“You love to say angga must like me because my dad Snoop Dogg,” Cori Broadus told her followers. “Like why can’t he just love me for me…” According to the 23-year-old, the relationships she forms on her own account are much deeper “than being alone [the rapper’s] daughter.”

Robin L. Marshall/Getty Images

“I am my own person,” she reminded readers. “I am more [than] that and I hate that I feel like I have to move on here and do all this, but I’ve been dealing with this shit since high school.”

The singer said it’s “frustrating as a f*ck” to wonder if the men in her life are just there because of her superstar dad. “I hate it here, damn you all,” she said.

On another slide she continued: “You are all so miserable and it is so sad. It is so hard not to let [people’s] comments hit you because you know they struggle deep down, but I’m still human and words hurt.”

“How do you guys have time to sit on someone’s page and just talk shit?” asked Broadus. ‘I never understood any of it. But if they see you in person, it’s a different story. So, so hateful – I pray, for that is a disease fr.’

Cori – also known by her musical name, CHOC – is in a relationship with creative director Wayne Deuce, who shows a lot of love for her on his own IG page – check out some of their sweetest couple moments together below.