Cool MCU Reveal Confirms Big She-Hulk Mystery

An MCU reveal in Ms. Marvel Episode 4 confirms the true nature of a mystery from the trailer for Marvel’s She-Hulk, due out in August 2022.

Warning! This post contains spoilers for Mrs. Marvel episode 4.

Mrs. Marvel Episode 4 just revealed the true nature of a mystery from the trailer for She-Hulk: Lawyer Mrs. Marvel and She-Hulk mark the next phase for MCU TV shows on Disney+, the former starting in June 2022 and the latter slated for release in August 2022. Mrs. Marvel episode 4, a particular shot is shown that some speculation from the . confirms She-Hulk trailer released by Marvel Studios.

Up to this point, Mrs. Marvel is well versed in the world of the MCU, with endless Easter eggs and hints to the larger universe. These contain references to the Ten Rings organization, as well as nods to the avengers movies. However, in terms of its plot at least, Mrs. Marvel has been fairly self-contained. That’s why the reference to the next Disney+ show in She-Hulk comes as a bit of a surprise.


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Mrs. Marvel Episode 4 featured what appears to be the show’s main villains, the Clandestines, who escaped Department of Damage Control incarceration. However, it is in the building they are locked in that the connection to She-Hulk is found. The building is initially shown as a wide, upright shot. In the recording, a subheading reveals the building’s title as “DODC Supermax PrisonThe building is the same as in the trailer for She-Hulk, seemingly linked to Jennifer Walters’ new job as head of a superhuman legal department. From the confirmation of the nature of this mysterious building in Mrs. Marvel, it is clear that the Department of Damage Control has a facility similar to that of The Raft, a prison for superhuman criminals. This is almost confirmed by the appearance of a human abomination in She-Hulkset something up in Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings who apparently also has connections with Mrs. Marvel.

She Hulk abomination villain

It is unclear if the Supermax prison will appear later Mrs. Marvel, given the clandestine’s easy escape from the facility. However, the brief appearance in the show before further focus in She-Hulk just proves that the minds of Marvel Studios haven’t lost touch in terms of the small details and connections that connect their now vast universe. As there has been some criticism of Phase 4 of the MCU for a lack of clear direction, the connections between Mrs. MarvelShang-Chi (and the ten rings themselves), She-Hulk and the miracles only going to disprove this criticism with the connections between phase 4 properties.

Reveal this in Mrs. Marvel Episode 4 leads to the question of how strong? She-Hulk will join this series. When Kamala and her allies defeat the clandestine in Mrs. MarvelAfter their escape, they may be re-incarcerated with even tighter security in the DODC Supermax Prison. If so, the clandestine could have a brief cameo appearance in She-Hulk, or even a bigger role as Jennifer is part of the show representing superhuman criminals like Emil Blonsky. Anyway, the subtle link between Mrs. miracle and she-hulk: Lawyer is cool and proves that Marvel still has a clear path and a clear idea of ​​where they want their projects to overlap in phase 4 and beyond.

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New episodes of Mrs. Marvel appears every Wednesday on Disney+.

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