conspiracy theorist, anti-lockdown lawyer, possible senator

Ralph Babet believed the 2022 federal election would be rigged. The United Australia Party candidate changed his mind when it became likely that he would become Victoria’s newest senator.

Despite a generally poor performance for a campaign spend of nearly $100 million, UAP has amassed enough primary votes that — coupled with the Liberal Party’s affiliations, which placed it in second place on its how-to-vote cards – Babet will likely be elected to Victoria’s sixth Senate spot over Legalize Cannabis Australia Party and Pauline Hanson’s One Nation.

Babet – who also goes by Deej Babet – is a Melbourne real estate agent who may hold the highest seat in the Senate for Clive Palmer’s party, while his brother, Matt, Bruce unsuccessfully contested in the House of Representatives.

Shortly after election night, Babet deleted his UAP campaign Facebook page, Instagram and Twitter account. However, archived messages from these accounts and other online content show that his views are well and truly in line with those of his right-wing populist and conspiracy-promoting party leader Palmer.

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In addition to arguing that the election would be fraudulent, Babet promoted the same conspiracy theory that the World Economic Forum is carrying out a globalist takeover of the country’s sovereignty. Shortly after the Labor elections were called, he posted on his account: “Congratulations to the Prime Minister of Australia on an outstanding campaign. Well done Klaus Schwab.”

Despite his dislike for the man responsible for creating the “billionaire circus” in Davos, Babet is a fanboy of other billionaires. At a meeting earlier this month, he boasted that he had met Palmer a few times and… defended him online against reports that he had not paid his staff. Babet also tweeted glowingly about Elon Musk and was enthusiastic about his proposed takeover of Twitter.

He also spoke at rallies and tweeted about ending Australia’s “digital ID legislation,” another terrifying UAP party pledge that states that a real government plan is actually an attempt to implement China’s social credit system here.

Babet shows contempt for all major parties, but especially hates left-wing parties. He called the Greens ideology “cancerous“, spoke contemptuously about “hardcore communists” on Twitter, shared a video claiming that drinking blood is a new trend among the “left”and criticized Labor’s Dan Andrews for his handling of the pandemic.

Like former UAP parliamentary leader Craig Kelly, Babet is staunchly anti-lockdown, wants an end to vaccine mandates and tweeted about vaccine injuries, a common argument of the anti-vaccination movement. Babet also campaigned closely with Rebekah Spelman, a fellow UAP candidate who once said “Hang Dan Andrews!” wanted to sing. at a meeting, and anti-vaccine content creator Morgan C Jonas.

While Palmer’s efforts to end the rule of both major parties failed, the spoils of his massive spending are kudos to a conspiracy that attracts a senator in his own image.

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