Conservative MPs welcome top convoy figures

Four months after the last truck left downtown Ottawa, top Freedom Convoy figures returned to Parliament Hill and met nearly 20 percent of the Conservative Party of Canada caucus, according to the video reviewed by CTV News.

On Wednesday, 23 Conservative members attended meetings with convoy spokesman Tom Marazzo, convoy director of security Daniel Bulford, adviser to former US President Donald Trump Paul Alexander, and Canadian soldier James Topp, who is currently marching across Canada to protest vaccine mandates.

The organizers held two presentations in a building in the parliamentary district on Wednesday afternoon. Alexander said in his presentation that Conservative MP Dean Allison helped the group gain access to the Valor building. Groups wishing to make presentations on Parliament Hill will need a MP to sponsor them in order to gain permission to enter buildings on Parliament Hill and reserve a room.

Some MPs, such as former leadership candidate Marilyn Gladu, only snapped a quick selfie with Topp, but others, including current leadership candidate Leslyn Lewis, stayed on during the presentation.

The presentations include extensive anti-vaccination and anti-mandatory speeches from Alexander, as well as Topp’s discussion of a group he founded, the Canadian Citizens Coalition. The coalition’s stated mission is to “bring Canada back to a free, fair and just society by restoring democratic, representative and accountable civil and corporate government.” The coalition is affiliated with several anti-vaccination and anti-mandatory groups, including those that Marazzo and Bulford are members of.

Once the presentations were completed, Ontario MP Cheryl Gallant and Saskatchewan MP Jeremy Patzer made statements in the audience. Patzer said the group had “allies” in the Conservative party, adding: “You’ve got support, you’ve always had support.”

Many conservatives, including Ontario MPs Ryan Williams and Alex Ruff, posed for photos with Topp and Marazzo at the end of the first presentation. Marazzo said they are not federally affiliated with any party, “but we know very well which members of which party were in attendance today.”

Marazzo was routinely the public face of the convoy to the media, holding press conferences and posting videos of the convoy organizers’ messages. On Feb. 8, Marazzo spoke in a video with organizers, including Tamara Lich, and suggested a meeting with the governor general to form a coalition government with the Conservative Party, NDP and Bloc Québécois, despite that proposal becoming general. seen as a no-start attempt to overthrow the current Liberal government.


  • Marilyn Gladu
  • Arnold Viersen
  • Dean Allison
  • James Bezan
  • Mellisa Lantsman
  • Dan Muys
  • Ted Falk
  • Leslyn Lewis
  • Alex Ruff
  • Jeremy Pater
  • Jamie Schmale
  • Martin Shields
  • John Barlow
  • Ryan Williams
  • Warren Steinley
  • Damien Kurek
  • Gerard Soroka
  • Scott Davidson
  • Chris Warkentin
  • Corey Tochor
  • So from Popta
  • Cheryl Gallant
  • Kerry-Lynn Findlay

The office of interim conservative leader Candice Bergen said they were aware of the event but were not involved in organizing it.

Topp is scheduled to return to Ottawa on June 30, where he will complete his march by touching the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Topp’s return is expected to coincide with further anti-government protests on Canada Day.

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