Colorful characters emerge from pieces of wood in whimsical toys from Wood You Mind


#sculpture #toys #wood

Apr 19, 2022

Kate Mothes

All images © Parn Aniwat

Texas-based Thai artist Parn Aniwat, who also goes through Wood You Mind, carves charming figures from wood, embellished with bright colors and playful outfits. Each unique character, ranging from about four to eight inches tall, has a distinct personality, whether it’s a sweet face emerging from an owl costume, a bee nestled in a flower, or a lively striped whale. Using traditional tools such as a small ax and chisel blade, each piece starts with a rough draft of the design before revealing the contours and details by chopping away small pieces. The artist then applies vibrant splashes of acrylic paint to bring the character’s sparkling eyes and rosy cheeks to life.

Aniwat shares quite a bit of work on Instagram, where you can see snippets of his process and stay tuned for announcements about commission opportunities. Buy available pieces on Etsy. (via Design You Trust)

#sculpture #toys #wood

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