Collaboration between “Dihad Humanitarian Works” and “Axios International”

Dubai (WAM)

DIHAD Foundation for Sustainable Humanitarian Works yesterday, through the “Forever Care” initiative, signed a cooperation agreement with “Axios International” with the aim of supporting the institutional partnership between the two parties, promoting charitable and humanitarian work and activating joint efforts to help the needy around the world by providing them with the necessary medicines, helping to realize the chances of a speedy recovery for them. The agreement, which is a continuation of the UAE’s charitable work approach and aims to provide medicine and treatment to patients in need through sustainable solutions that ensure the continuity of charitable work in the medical field, stipulates the partnership with Axios International with the aim of exchanging humanitarian experiences between the two sides and spreading awareness about the importance of providing these medicines to countries in need and supplying medicines, medical supplies and all humanitarian aid through its many partnerships with specialists in the field.
Ambassador Dr. Abdul Salam Al-Madani, Chairman of the DIHAD Foundation for Sustainable Humanitarian Works and Ambassador of the Mediterranean Parliament to the Gulf Cooperation Council states, said this agreement comes as an effort by the DIHAD Foundation for Sustainable Humanitarian Works to strengthen institutional and fraternal ties in various health and humanitarian fields through the “Forever Care” initiative. Which annually provides medicines, medical supplies and other humanitarian aid to needy countries around the world to improve access to innovative treatments and medicines for low-income patients, especially those who cannot afford to treat their diseases globally .
He added: “This agreement will identify the challenges facing the pharmaceutical and pharmaceutical sector in general and work towards finding appropriate solutions and advanced working mechanisms in line with international standards, which is an example of partnership between different sectors and joint commitment to patients and provides wider access to innovative medicines and hope for better lives for some of those affected.” †
Anas Nofal Al-Saffarini, Senior Executive Director of Middle East and North Africa at Axios International, for his part, welcomed this precious collaboration, which will provide necessary access to medicines to all affected countries, marking the commitment of the company to meet the needs of all patients around the world as quickly as possible and with the best quality. Believing in the importance of joint efforts to build distinctive partnerships that benefit all.” The “Forever Care” initiative, which was launched at the 18th edition of the Dubai International Aid and Development Exhibition and Conference “DIHAD” and in collaboration with the Dubai International Exhibition and Conference for Pharmaceuticals and Technology “DUPHAT” and in collaboration with the ” Waterfalls global initiative, works to collect drugs and medical and pharmaceutical supplies By collaborating with pharmaceutical companies and manufacturers in the country and donating them to needy and developing countries, leaving a clear mark on the UAE in the humanitarian field and strengthening aspects of interdependence and the cohesion of the international community.

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