CNN Crew Comes Up With Clever Way To Bypass GOP Candidate’s Rally Ban

A CNN crew evaded a media ban from attending a campaign event for Pennsylvania GOP governor candidate Doug Mastriano by renting a room at the Uniontown hotel where it was being held so they could get away from it all. balcony could film.

In a segment that aired Monday, CNN correspondent Kyung Lah said the rally was in front of the Penn. state senator, which is a frontrunner in the race, was advertised as open to all. But on arrival, organizers said “journalists are not welcome”.

With the hotel’s approval, Lah said she booked a room with a balcony overlooking the poolside event. Mastriano employees “threatened to kick us out, saying they had their hands on all the space in the hotel,” she wrote on Twitter. “Not so. They were unhappy that we stayed.”

Mastriano has regularly railed against abortion rights and COVID restrictions, but is among a growing number of Republicans trying to evade increased scrutiny, CNN reported.

“Why are you doing this? Bc independent press needs to see what your future government representatives want to do,” Lah added.

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