Chris Pratt reveals how his new military show The Terminal List avoided Hollywood BS.

Hollywood has a long and storied history of turning action movie characters into pop culture icons, but that doesn’t mean movie studios and production houses are necessarily great with realistic action. In fact, sometimes the end results are downright ridiculous. Chris Pratt was determined to present a more realistic and grounded version with his new series The terminal list† In fact, everyone involved was so committed to realism that their collective mantra was “No Hollywood Bullshit”.

The terminal list debuted this weekend on Amazon Prime, perfectly timed for the July 4 celebrations, and leading up to it, Chris Pratt spoke repeatedly about how real he wanted the show to feel. In an interview with TV Insider, the Guardians of the Universe star told the outlet about the No Hollywood Bullshit mantra and referenced his associates who worked with him to ensure authenticity.

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