Chris Dawson’s murder trial told of Lynette’s possible sighting months after she disappeared

Questions arose during the murder trial of Chris Dawson about a possible sighting of his wife Lynette months after she disappeared in 1982.

Today, a taped 2019 police interview was played for Dawson Supreme Court brother-in-law Ross Hutcheon, who died six weeks ago.

The interview was about Hutcheon’s alleged sighting of Lyn at a bus stop opposite Gladesville Hospital, up to six months after she disappeared.

The 2019 police interview with Chris Dawson’s brother-in-law, Ross Hutcheon. (Delivered)

“She looked exactly like the Lyn I knew… same hair color, same haircut, no sunglasses, no apparent attempt to disguise herself or anything,” Hutcheon told the detectives.

Hutcheon says he told his wife about the possible sighting that same night and two officers later in 1999, but notes from the meeting show no record of that information.

“No Gladesville?” Hutcheon asked the police officer after reading the police notes.

The police officer replied, “No.”

“Wrong, wrong,” said Hutcheon.

“Are you sure you told them about it?” the police officer asked Hutcheon.

“Sure, that’s wrong,” Hutcheon replied, handing the papers back.

Chris Dawson leaves the Supreme Courts in Sydney on June 10.
Chris Dawson left the Supreme Court last week. (Louise Kennerley)

The next time the alleged sighting was reported was in 2018 after Dawson was charged with killing the missing mother.

“Ah, it started to get really serious, especially when he got charged and what the hell, I thought, ‘Gosh, I better do something about this,'” Hutcheon said in the interview.

Dawson’s sister, whose name is also Lynette, was put to the test by the district attorney as to why she hadn’t discussed the sighting with her family for 36 years.

She told the judge she always assumed her sister-in-law got up and left and never thought it would be treated as murder.

Chris Dawson's murder trial told of Lynette's possible sighting months after she disappeared
Chris Dawson and Lynette Dawson on their wedding day. (Delivered)

The crown wondered if the sighting was around the same time as the… Favorite of the teacher podcast, which raised suspicions about the case.

Dawson denies murdering his wife and insists she ran away and never returned.

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