Channel 4 Gogglebox’s Jenny and Lee Share an Update After Leaving Fans Devastated

Gogglebox stars Jenny Newby and Lee Riley have offered fans an update after leaving them gutted Friday night. The pair have been away from the Channel 4 show for a few weeks now.

And the fan favorites didn’t return to screens for the final Gogglebox of the current series last night (May 27). It comes after Lee told the press earlier this month that Jenny was “not very well” and was undergoing surgery. He made the comments during an appearance at the Bafta TV Awards, where he walked the red carpet without his sidekick, but alongside fellow Goggleboxers Marcus Luther and Mica Ven.

However, after raising concerns, Lee took to the couple’s joint Instagram page and released a video message. He said from his caravan in Hull that he confirmed that Jenny had undergone surgery but that it had been postponed for two years during the pandemic.

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But now, Jenny has made a comeback as she sat next to her best friend and co-star to give an update. Lee posted a video to their Instagram page on Thursday saying, “You’ll never guess who I just ran into, she’s out of the hospital” before flipping the camera to show Jenny waving.

She then said: “I want to thank you all for your kind, get well wishes. They really cheered me up. And I look forward to seeing you all in series 20.” Lee then confirmed exactly when the pair will be back together on screen, adding: “September guys. We’ll be back in September.”

Their fellow Goggleboxers were among the first to comment, with Izzi Warner writing: ” Glad to see you’re feeling better Jenny much love.” Sister Ellie replied: “ Glad you look so good Jenny! Lots of love.”

Jenny thanked the fans for all their get well wishes

Mica Ven commented: “S ending with lots of love from Meesh & Marky.” Daniel Lustig added: ” Nice to see you again Jenny.” And Lee’s partner Steve also left a reply. He said to his husband: “ See you soon my dear can’t wait for a very sunny 30c today pff, now get on that plane home”, referring to Cyprus.

Despite their update, Gogglebox fans were still sad not to see them on screen. @Craigliott24 tweeted: “Haven’t seen Jenny & Lee in two weeks. I really miss them. #Gogglebox.” @Pilch1972 shared: “Where are Lee and Jenny. This evening……. They are sorely missing #Gogglebox.”

@JWT4691 wrote: “Gogglebox just isn’t the same without Lee and Dame Jenny #Gogglebox.” @paulcur74986927 said: “It’s a bit of a shame there’s no Jenny and Lee, my favorites #Gogglebox.” @Rosie12_1994 added: “#gogglebox misses jenny and lee. Hope to see them again soon when jenny is better.”

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