‘No fuss and clearly spoken’ – The New York Times

Still, I find Fetterman remarkable because Democrats have nominated so few candidates like him in recent years. The party is more likely to choose ideologically consistent candidates whose presentation resembles that of a law professor or think tank employee. Fetterman, like many working-class voters, has a mix of political beliefs. On the campaign trail, he … Read more

German ex-leader Schroeder loses privileges over ties with Russia

BERLIN: Germany’s three ruling parties plan to remove former Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder from office and staff after he maintained and defended his long-standing ties to Russia despite the war in Ukraine. Schroeder’s own Social Democratic Party said on Wednesday that lawmakers in the parliamentary budget committee had agreed to link some of the former German … Read more

China Eastern jet deliberately crashed into mountainside, killing 132 on board, flight records suggest

American researchers believe someone on board deliberately crashed a China Eastern flight in March, the Wall Street Journal reported Tuesday, in what was China’s deadliest air disaster in decades. China Eastern flight MU5375 was en route from Kunming to Guangzhou on March 21 when it inexplicably crashed into a mountainside from a height of 29,000 … Read more

War in Ukraine: Finland and Sweden formally apply to join NATO | world news

Finland and Sweden have formally submitted their applications to join NATO at a “historic moment” driven by security concerns over Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. The applications will now be considered by the military alliance’s 30 member states, with the process expected to take several weeks. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has expressed reservations about the … Read more

Sweden and Finland officially submit NATO applications

Sweden and Finland have formally submitted their applications to join NATO. The alliance’s secretary-general, Jens Stoltenberg, said it was “an historic moment that we should seize,” adding that the Scandinavian countries’ membership would enhance shared security. The two countries indicated their intention to apply for defense alliance membership in the wake of Russia’s invasion of … Read more