A Step Toward Africa’s First Covid-19 Vaccine of Its Own — Global Issues

While most health care workers in the wealthy world were vaccinated early in 2021, only a quarter of Africa’s health workers had received their Covid-19 jabs at the end of last year. Credit: UNICEF/Nahom Tesfaye opinion by Akshaya Kumar (New York† Wednesday, February 16, 2022 Inter Press Service NEW YORK, Feb 16 (IPS) – Akshaya … Read more

Hong Kong’s outbreak shows the limits of zero-Covid — but the government isn’t budgeting

That’s the question now facing Hong Kong officials, as daily infections top 4,000, and previous fail-safe systems begin to buckle under the strain of their own uncompromising rules. For almost two years, Hong Kong had relied on a combination of stringent quarantines and sophisticated track-and-trace efforts to isolate positive cases, keeping the city comparatively virus-free … Read more

Severance Is the Rare ‘Galaxy-Brain’ Show Smart Enough to Blow Your Mind

Severance, a new psychological thriller from Apple TV+, opens with an image that is at once arresting and alarming. A young, red-haired woman, dressed for the office, lies prone on a conference table surrounded by empty chairs. “Who are you?” a male voice asks, about a crackling intercom. Hoisting herself off the table, the woman … Read more

Ukraine crisis: Satellite images disprove Russia’s claims of troop withdrawal, says NATO secretary general Jens Stoltenberg | World News

Satellite imagery disproves Russian claims it is withdrawing troops from Ukraine’s border, NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg has said – as he expressed concern that yesterday’s large cyberattack could be a possible precursor to an invasion. Speaking after a meeting of NATO defense ministers in Brussels, Mr Stoltenberg stressed there was no sign of a military … Read more

Ukrainians vow to defend their country against Russia ‘to the last breath’ – World News

Ukrainians sang their hearts out at Kyiv’s Olympics Stadium after unfurling a 200-metre national flag. People also gathered in Maidan Square in the capital, pledging to fight for their country Ukrainians gathered in Maidan Square in Kyiv † Image: Daily Mirror/Andy Stenning) Defying the threat of war with a flag-waving Day of Unity, Ukrainians pledge … Read more

Apple Adds iPhone 6 Plus To Vintage List. What it means

Apple iPhone 6 Plus was launched alongside the 6 series in 2014. Apple has added its iPhone 6 Plus to the vintage list, indicating that the product has run its complete cycle of production. The iPhone 6 Plus was launched more than seven years ago, alongside iPhone 6. Through it, Apple introduced the big screen … Read more

EU border agency to help Cyprus with migrant repatriations

The chief of the European Union’s border agency says the repatriation of migrants is Cyprus’ “most urgent need” and his organization is ready to facilitate flights to return individuals who had their asylum claims rejected byThe Associated Press February 16, 2022, 8:04 PM † 2 min read Share to FacebookShare to TwitterEmail this article NICOSIA, … Read more