AI Robot Artist is holding an exhibition of her work, and honestly the paintings are amazing

The world’s first ultra-realistic humanoid robot artist working with artificial intelligence (AI) has launched an exhibition of her (her?) work. The work of the Ai-Da robot is on display in the Giardini during the 59th International Art Exhibition – La Biennale di Venezia in Venice. Her exhibition – titled Leaping Into The Metaverse – will … Read more

The Warhol of Bird Painting – Vic Reeves, AKA Jim Moir and His Creepy Birds | art

Art by celebrities is often laughable. But there’s nothing unintentionally funny about the technically excellent paintings of Jim Moir, aka Vic Reeves. He doesn’t play it for laughs either. There are no jokes here, just precise, intense portraits of birds. An avid birdwatcher, Moir has clearly spent a lot of time looking at nature and … Read more

What you see in this optical illusion reveals what people notice about you first

WHAT you initially see in this optical illusion reveals what people first notice about you — and it may mean you’re intense. The interesting image emphasizes first impressions and reveals your traits based on what your eyes are drawn to first. 2 This incredible illusion claims to reveal people’s first impression of youCredit: Oleg Shupliak … Read more

Artifacts damaged during World War II are the subjects of this photo exhibition in Chennai

A photo exhibition at Chennai’s Russian home captures the process of restoration of precious artifacts damaged during World War II A photo exhibition at Chennai’s Russian home captures the process of restoration of precious artifacts damaged during World War II When the legendary work of Renaissance sculptor Donatello, John the Baptist, arrived at the Pushkin … Read more

Photo London 2022: Eleven: Harry Cory Wright

Harry Cory Wright- Fireworks, 2002 Founded in 2005 by Charlie Phillips, formerly founding director of Haunch of Venison, Eleven is committed to supporting the best of international contemporary art from both established and emerging artists. Eleven operates out of a permanent gallery space in Twickenham which is open by appointment. Eleven also acts as an … Read more

Designer Ali Xeeshan and artist Ayesha Sheikh discuss art plagiarism claims – Art & Culture

Earlier this year, in March, designer Ali Xeeshan led an art exhibition titled “Exquisite Mistake,” which reportedly sold out before it was even put on display. The designer’s typically eccentric aesthetic was evident in the oil on canvas and sculptures inspired by a heavyset, middle-aged woman who, according to Xeeshan, had once been his nanny. … Read more

Bruce Mau: the world-class designer whose work lives on | Documentary movies

WWhen Canadian designer Bruce Mau was invited to come to Guatemala to reshape the country’s future, they introduced him as Bruce, who was going to “redesign Guatemala”. While this was a little long, the scale at which he helped change the nation’s prospects was equally enormous. Guatemala was originally called Guate by the indigenous people, … Read more

David Hockney has created his largest painting ever: a 31-foot frieze inspired by his year in lockdown

For many, the lockdowns of 2020, however undesirable, were an opportunity to rethink their everyday surroundings and discover a newfound appreciation for nature. David Hockney, who spent the year at his home in Normandy, took the opportunity to watch and capture the changing seasons on his iPad. He has now printed all 220 photographs and … Read more

The woman behind the world’s most famous tarot deck was almost lost to history

Written by Jacqui Palumbo, CNN Keep a question in your head, shuffle, select your cards and look into your future. For centuries, people of all walks of life have turned to tarot to foretell what lies ahead and attain a higher level of self-understanding. The cards’ enigmatic symbols have become culturally ingrained in music, art, … Read more