Box Art Brawl: Duel #97 – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: Back From The Sewers

Image: Nintendo Life Good morning, good afternoon and good evening; welcome back to another edition of Box Art Brawl! Looking back at last week, we put Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards to the test with two similar boxes except for a different color scheme and some character placements. And, well, we at Nintendo Life Towers … Read more

‘The Lady Without Legs or Arms’: How an Artist Shattered Victorian Ideas about Disability | Paint

she was born arms and legs in 1784 into a peasant family and, as an adult only 37 centimeters tall, he was exhibited at itinerant fairground rides. Billed as The Limbless Wonder, Sarah Biffin painted, wrote and sewed with her mouth and shoulder, alongside prize fighters, wildlife and other “curiosities” that drew paying spectators. But … Read more

A Brush with Raphael’s Rome: Following the Painter’s Trail from the Vatican to the Barberini

A vacation in Rome can be bad for you. The cobbled streets around the Forum and Colosseum are waiting to turn an inattentive ankle and five minutes in the thronging crowd stretching to Michaelangelo’s famous ceiling in the Sistine Chapel is a real pain in the neck. Fortunately, there is an easier way to appreciate … Read more

Female power in the British Museum: Mary Beard roars up the battlefield | Culture

feminine power in the British Museum, two exhibitions take place simultaneously. First, it is an overview of the female deities that have been worshiped, collected and invented around the world since humans started making art. From Sedna, half woman, half seal, the Inuit mistress of the sea, to Minerva, the contemporaneous Roman goddess of war … Read more