Casualty’s Faith Makes Shocking Discovery in the Aftermath of Death

Note: This article contains references to infant mortality and a fictional school shooting.

accident spoilers follow.

Faith Cadogan will make a shocking discovery about her daughter after the recent death of Ollie Hide on accident

Disturbing recent scenes saw David help Hide’s son carry out a school shooting, sparing Faith’s daughter Natalia, before struggling to turn the gun on himself and then being shot by accomplice Rob.

Ollie later died in hospital as David struggled to come to terms with what had happened after learning from Natalia about his son’s actions.


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In new scenes airing this weekend, Faith is surprised to see Natalia being taken to ED by her boyfriend Tristan.

She discovers bruises on her neck and is shocked to learn that her daughter has had an epileptic seizure during experimental sex that has been shown on the internet.

Faith doesn’t handle it well, causing Natalia to push her away, leading Faith to accuse Tristan of assaulting her daughter. She then responds to David, claiming that his son Ollie’s actions are the cause of Natalia’s problems.

Natalia, victim


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Faith and Natalia reconcile, the former accepting that her daughter is growing up and that Tristan means no harm.

Faith also apologizes to David, realizing what he’s going through, as she offers him support and encourages him to attend Ollie’s funeral.

The airing of the recent school shooting episode was initially delayed by a week due to the sensitivity of the storyline amid real events.

accident aired these scenes on Saturday 2 July on BBC One.

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