Casey Anthony was seen partying shortly before the documentary’s release

Peacock’s latest docuseries has officially been discontinued and focuses primarily on the prolific Casey Anthony and her version of the events that transpired with the death of her daughter, Caylee.

“Casey Anthony: Where Truth Lies” has largely divided viewers over whether they believe Anthony’s claims that her father is involved in her daughter’s death.

Anthony was found not guilty of murder in 2011, but she’s been struggling to clear her name in the court of public opinion ever since.

However, her critics argue that Anthony has shown little regret or sadness over her daughter’s passing and a new video of her partying only adds to that view.

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Casey Anthony was seen dancing at a Steel Panther concert in March.

Following the release of the docuseries, TikTok user Sarah (sarahjeaniess) posted a video of her seeing Anthony in public.

The video was shot in March at a Steel Panther concert in Fort Lauderdale, FL, according to Sarah. The docuseries appeared on Peacock in November.

Anthony can be seen dancing and was even brave enough to go on stage with the other women.

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