Carnival Magic Brawl Breaks Out On Dance Floor – NBC New York

Police are investigating after an all-out brawl broke out on a cruise ship as it returned to New York overnight, authorities confirmed on Tuesday after it arrived safely. Up to 60 people were ultimately involved in the battle over international waters, police said.

The eight-day cruise aboard the Carnival Magic departed its New York City-New Jersey hub on June 20, stopping in Dominicana, Turks and Caicos, and a private island in the Bahamas before turning around and returning to the east coast.

It’s not clear what sparked the fight, but PIX 11 reported that it started between two people on a dance floor and intensified as others joined the fight. Everywhere, 40 to 60 people were involved in the fighting by the time it broke up, officials said.

Cruise officials notified the Coast Guard, who launched a small Staten Island boat to escort the ship the rest of the way to the Pier 88 dock. Members of the NYPD, who had notified the Coast Guard, were standing by when it arrived.

No information was immediately available about possible arrests. Legal questions about where the ship was at the time of the altercation – was it in international waters? Waters of New Jersey? New York waters? — are yet to be answered, so it’s not yet entirely clear which department or agency will lead the investigation.

Carnival Magic acknowledged the incident, saying “a number of guests were involved in a nightclub altercation” as the ship was returning to Manhattan.

“Luckily, no serious injuries were reported and our onboard security team intervened,” the cruise line said. “The ship arrived as scheduled this morning and authorities were notified and met with the ship to question suspects and witnesses and to conduct an investigation.”

The US Coast Guard said no injuries were reported and no weapons were involved. Neither the Coast Guard nor the NYPD boarded the ship, officials said. Passengers disembarked without further incident upon their arrival in NYC Tuesday.

The Carnival Magic was built in 2011 and is registered in Panama. Over 300 meters long, it sails to the Bahamas, Bermuda, Canada/New England and the Caribbean, from Port Canaveral, Norfolk, Miami and New York, on cruises from two to nine days. It can accommodate up to 3,690 guests.

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