Carl Woods hits back at Katie Price, rumors split as he answers engagement ring question

Katie Price’s Fiancé Carl Woods Has Confirmed They Are Still Together And He’s ‘Not Involved’ In Rumors Of Their Breakup

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Carl Woods discusses his relationship with Katie Price

Carl Woods has vehemently hit back at rumors of his split from fiancée Katie Price – addressing the engagement ring question that has surfaced recently.

The former Love Island star, 33, took to his Instagram story Tuesday night to set the record after fans began speculating the couple had split – after she was spotted without her engagement ring on.

Former glamor model Katie, 43, was recently pictured wearing her huge glittering stone, but she’s also been seen on her ring finger without it – causing confusion over the status of their relationship.

Carl Woods has confirmed the couple are back



He took to his Instagram story to settle rumors



Carl has finally broken his silence on the speculation, claiming it’s “bulls**t”.

Responding to rumors that their relationship had been on the rocks in recent weeks, the star said, “I wanted to come here and clean it up. Engagement ring on, engagement ring off. It’s all bulls**t.”

“I think it’s ridiculous and that’s all I have to say about it,” he concluded, telling people he “wasn’t involved.”

It comes after fans commented on his recent social media posts about the rumored split.

One person wrote: “Just saw you are with her, why are you lying that you are not with her anymore and your mental health is suffering. You take people for mugs who are sad about you.”

There was plenty of speculation that he split from the former glamor model



“Just read the comments, you’re with her!!!! You’re a MUG”, a second accused.

Others have defended the pair.

One shared: “Which is driving everyone crazy because Carls is with Katie. LOL not like you all had a chance, two consenting adults who can do whatever they want. Find your own friends, enjoy your holiday guys.”

Another reassured: “Whatever you choose, we’ll support you! Hopefully, Katie is willing to work through her separation issues and heal, because she’s worth and deserves to give herself that gift to help a very to be a person.”

And a third added: “I hope you two work it out together.”

Carl and Katie were recently photographed together at the airport over the Easter weekend, with the pair confirming that they are still active.

And Carl hit back at trolls at the time, when he shared a cryptic post about failure on his story.

Carl Woods



He posted about how people want to “kick you when you’re down” while sharing the ambiguous quote after being photographed with Katie.

He wrote, perhaps with a reference to their relationship: “Some people don’t want you to say ‘I told you so’. Most hope you fall so they can kick you while you’re down.

“Then there are people who want nothing more than to make you think you’re a failure because they think they’re better than you.

“Whatever you do, whether you fall, fail or flop, make sure you keep the faith. Your time will come and theirs will too.”

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