Cardi B Takes Megan Thee Stallion As She Learns Soccer In New Episode ‘Cardi Tries’

Cardi B donned her soccer gear on the Los Angeles Chargers practice field in Costa Mesa, California, for the latest episode of Cardi triesthe series that follows Cardi B and her friends as they try out new skills.

In the new episode, Cardi meets her “WAP” collaborator Megan Thee Stallion as the duo learn some basic football skills from pros Antonio Gates, Derwin James and Keenan Allen.

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“Since having a son, I want to be one of those sports moms who are all involved in the sports activities,” Cardi tells her son’s camera, which she shares with Migos rapper Offset.

The superstar rap duo took on everything from tackling, celebratory touchdown dances and even the 40-yard dash, which Gates says is typically completed in under four seconds. “When I was in high school, I went to hooky parties and the police often caught hooky parties, so I had to run a lot,” explains Cardi, confident in her ability to score quickly.

With the “Bodak Yellow” rapper clocking in at 7.93 seconds and Meg delivering the 40-yard dash in 6.53 seconds, Gates was impressed with their first-ever attempt.

The episode – which can be viewed below and via the Watch Together feature – is the latest in Cardi’s series, which launched in late 2020. She’s done everything from trying her magic, testing her survival skills, and conquering her fear of heights. to twirl with rhythmic gymnasts, tattoo her husband, holistic healing, cook Thanksgiving dinner, and even host a wedding.

Cardi B Takes Megan Thee Stallion As She Learns Soccer In New Episode 'Cardi Tries'

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