Cardi B shares side by side comparison of her thighs with and without filter in new music promo

Cardi B goes unfiltered.

The 29-year-old “WAP” rapper shared two poolside photos of herself on Twitter on Thursday, one with a filter effect on her thighs and one without.

“Thigh filter. No thigh filter,” she captioned the photo in part.

Cardi rocked a black, off-the-shoulder corset with her hair styled in a bouffant thigh-grazing ponytail. She posed next to a Doberman pinscher, rocking a diamond collar.

The unfiltered photo shows the natural texture of Cardi B’s thighs, which is smoothed out in the filtered shot.

This act of transparency was well received by fans who wanted this level of candor to be standard for celebrities.

†[Hear] I out [hear] me out…what if all you beautiful celebrities would just stop photoshopping…? Like what are the consequences,” tweeted one fan.

“These young girls here are trying to be perfect. And can’t figure out why after doing everything possible they haven’t achieved perfection. They look up to you. Thank you for showing them the truth. There is need a real one.” to show her flaws when it’s not necessary”, another wrote

She also shared the unfiltered photo on Instagram, captioning it: “I’m ELECTRIC…..Hot $hlt tonight!”

Fans were all for the look.

“Always make a visual statement,” one person commented.

“The Queen is here,” wrote another.

The mum of two shared a snippet of the upcoming single on Instagram on Wednesday as she rocked a full jeweled robe and matching hair towel.

The Bronx native completed the look with layered chokers and a brunch spread, complete with a few strategically placed Playboy dishes.

Cardi B became the first creative director in residence for Playboy’s new platform, Centerfold, in 2021.

“It’s a dream come true to officially join the Playboy family. I can’t believe this is real,” she said of the collaboration.

The platform recently announced Jordyn Woods as the brand’s official ambassador.

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