Captain America faces off against the Punisher and his newfound superpowers

Cover art and details for Punisher #11 by writer Jason Aaron and artists Jesús Saiz and Paul Azaceta tease an upcoming battle with Captain America.

The following contains spoilers for Punisher #9, on sale now from Marvel Comics.

The Punisher takes on his idol, Captain America.

Revealed by the April 2023 invitations to Marvel Comics, artist Jesús Saiz’s main cover for punisher #11 shows Frank Castle using his demonic superpowers to kill Steve Rogers. The song will be written by Jason Aaron and illustrated by both Saiz and Paul Azaceta, with a teasing invitation: “If Frank really wants to end his war once and for all, he’s going to have to fight his way through some familiar faces.” Punisher and Cap battles are set up by punisher #9, although more heroes seem to work against Castle as well.

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  • Cover by JESUS ​​SAIZ
  • Variant cover by MATTEO SCALERA
  • Frank Castle has finally taken on the role of Fist of the Beast, the High Slayer of the world’s most powerful assassin clan, the Hand. And the rest of the Marvel Universe has taken notice. If Frank really wants to end his war once and for all, he’ll have to fight his way through some old familiar faces.
  • 40 PGS./Parental Advice… $4.99

The relationship between the Punisher and Captain America, explained

In punisher #9, Cap speaks with Black Widow and learns about Frank’s new role as the leader of The Hand, an evil ninja organization in the Marvel Universe. Cap struggles to believe that Punisher would ever unite The Hand, saying, “I think the old soldier in me has always kept the hope that Frank can be saved. Supposing it’s time for the soldier to accept defeat.” The issue ends with Captain America, Black Widow, Doctor Strange, Wolverine, and Moon Knight meeting at the Sanctum Sanctorum and discussing, “How do you solve a problem… like Frank Castle?”

In the Marvel Universe, Captain America has been established as a personal hero to the Punisher. A popular example can be seen during the Civil war event when Cap beats up Frank, but the Punisher refuses to fight back, says Spider-Man Civil war #6, “Cap is probably the reason he went to Vietnam.” When Steve was killed in the aftermath of the event, Frank even wore a Captain America-inspired Punisher costume in red, white, and blue for a time. The current punisher series furthered Castle’s reverence for Cap, showing that when he first killed someone at age 10, he did so while wearing a Captain America mask.

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The Punisher now has superpowers in the Marvel Universe

It seems so different Civil war this time, however, Frank is willing to fight his idol, and he could have a serious advantage in the process. While Castle doesn’t have Super Soldier Serum coursing through his veins, his role as The Hand’s “Fist of the Beast” grants him several superpowers, including super strength, enhanced healing, heightened senses, and fire abilities. These powers enable the Punisher to kill the God of War, Ares punisher #9, so how his matchup with Cap will shake out remains to be seen.

punisher #11 will go on sale April 19 at Marvel Comics.

Source: Marvel

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