Calum von Moger reveals his injuries after mysterious window collapse that left ex-Mr Universe fighting for life

FORMER Mr Universe Calum von Moger has revealed his injuries from a mysterious window collapse that left him fighting for his life.

The 31-year-old was placed in an artificial coma last month after the near-fatal fall at his home in Melbourne, Australia.


Calum von Moger posted to Instagram for the first time in five weeksCredit: Instagram/Calum von Moger
He posted pictures of his injuries to his 3.3 million followers


He posted pictures of his injuries to his 3.3 million followersCredit: Instagram/Calum von Moger
He posted the photos from his hospital bed


He posted the photos from his hospital bedCredit: Instagram

He posted on Instagram for the first time in five weeks on Sunday: “It’s nice to be alive.”

Von Moger also shared a 30-second video from his hospital bed showing his 3.3 million followers with dozens of stitches on his arms, hands and even his face.

He also posted photos to his stories that revealed more cuts in his legs and feet.

The bodybuilder had shared an emotional message with his fans on Instagram before jumping out the window and admitting that he had “made many mistakes”.

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Speaking to The Sun last month, one of his friends confirmed that he was “awake and recovering” after waking from the coma.

Moger, who is best known for his portrayal of Arnold Schwarzenegger in the 2018 film Bigger, suffered a serious spinal injury on May 6 in the fall and underwent major surgery.

Fellow bodybuilder and Youtuber Nick Trigilli claimed the three-time Mr Universe winner was under the influence of drugs at the time of the incident after battling a meth addiction.

He said: “The reason they kept him in a coma for so long is… [that] he had a lot of trauma to his head and his brain.

“There was a lot of fluid build up and obvious damage to his head.

“They were afraid to get him out of the coma because – god forbid – there was major damage, then he could have permanent damage, they didn’t want that.

“They had to wait for the swelling to subside.

“So far I can only tell you that he did have spinal surgery, now he is certainly not paralyzed as far as I know.”

Disturbing photos emerged of the damage at von Moger’s home in Geelong, a town southwest of Melbourne, with windows boarded up and shattered glass on the floor.

He was awaiting trial on May 26 after being charged with felony assault and drug possession and was living with his brother on bail.

He appeared in court via video link with his arm in a sling and pleaded guilty to possession of drugs, including testosterone and Viagra.

The court heard that the three-time winner of Mr Universe spent a total of 11 days in the hospital after the window fell.

Von Moger’s lawyer Bernard Campigli told the court that his client was struggling with depression.

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He said von Moger would be participating in a rehabilitation program.

Von Moger was ordered to pay $500 to the court fund.

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