Call Of Duty: Black Ops 5 And Warzone Maps Leaked By Activision

Call Of Duty goes back to when the F-117 was a new technology

A data miner has found new images of not only Modern Warfare 2, but also the 2024 game, which appears to be set during the Gulf War.

At some point, game makers will have to learn not to stuff their online updates full of classified information. Between that and job postings revealing things they would never admit in public, the best source of video game leaks is usually the publisher themselves.

Fortnite leaks, for example, almost never come from an internal source, but a data miner scouring the latest update. And so is the latest information on Call Of Duty, including the very first look at the 2024 game.

A series of 10 images, resembling concept art or loading screens, were discovered in the alpha’s files for the new Call Of Duty Mobile and provide a first look at not only Modern Warfare 2’s maps, but also those of the 2024 Call Of Duty game, which appears to be Black Ops 5.

Why on earth the files are in the code for a mobile game is a question that won’t have a sensible answer, but it does suggest some very sloppy file management between the various developers working on the franchise.

The likely reason Call Of Duty 2023 isn’t here is that previous rumors have suggested Activision Blizzard will give the franchise a rest next year, though the publisher has so far denied this.

The big news, though, are the two images of Call Of Duty 2024, which appear to be set during the Gulf War, featuring an F-117 ‘stealth fighter’ at an airbase, an aircraft popularized by the war (but has since been retired). ).

The other image shows a soldier entering a half-destroyed building very similar to images of Saddam Hussein’s palace during the Gulf War.

Given that the game is known to be developed by Treyarch, it goes without saying that this is Black Ops 5 and will likely be a direct sequel to the 2020 Cold War (which was technically the fifth game, so this new one will likely have a subtitle instead of a number).

We can’t show the images for legal reasons, but you can see them all here in this ResetEra post. Although, given that they’re just loading screens, there’s not much else to guess.

Three of the other images are from the current Ground War mode, while the others are from this year’s Modern Warfare 2. These include maps called Grand Prix, Oilfield, Museum, SABA, and some (quite blurry) DMZ key art.

The Grand Prix and Museum tickets have already been officially confirmed, so there seems to be no doubt that these leaks are real, especially as Activision has enforced the suspension of the Twitter account for the original leaker @R3AL1TYUK.

@R3AL1TYUK also revealed the names of 12 other cards and claims to have images for them as well, although none of them have leaked yet.

The full list is as follows: Dogtown, Esports Gym, Exhume, Fallout, Favela, Firing Range, Floating Bay, Killhouse, Lighthouse, Luxury, Mountain Town, and Narcos.

Whether any of the others are related to the 2024 game or not is unclear, but Favela is undoubtedly a map remake of the original Modern Warfare 2.

The decision not to release another Call Of Duty next year was made independent of Microsoft’s pending acquisition of Activision Blizzard and was made as a result of the poor performance and quality of Vanguard from 2021.

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