Bunya Group and OneWeb International Sign a Partnership Agreement to Provide Satellite Communication Services in the Middle East and Africa

Bunya Group, a leading provider of digital solutions and ICT infrastructure in the Middle East and Africa, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on strategic partnership with OneWeb The world leader in low-orbit satellite communications services

Under this agreement, which was signed at the “Capsat” conference in Dubai, Bunya Group will cooperate with the company OneWEB NEOM It is a joint venture between OneWeb global and NEOM in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for the purpose of a high-speed satellite connection to NEOM And the Kingdom, the Middle East and the neighboring East African countries to provide and distribute these services in the region, thus becoming the Bunny Group, the first Egyptian company to provide low-Earth orbit communications services through satellite in the Middle East and Africa

The agreement will support communications infrastructure in the Middle East and Africa with the aim of providing integrated communications services via satellite to infrastructure partners and customers.

In his commentary on this collaboration, Eng spoke. Ahmed Makki, Chairman and CEO of Bunya Group, is delighted with this agreement, which is the first of its kind in the Middle East, pointing out that it is of particular importance as it is the group’s first project on the field of satellites and aims to provide services The Internet is for everyone, especially in rural and remote areas devoid of communication services, adding that with this agreement, the Bunya Group will become the first Egyptian company to cooperate using the concept of low-Earth orbit satellites, and the first company to partner with a network OneWeb In the Middle East and Africa

Laith Hamad, Vice President of Government and Regulatory Relations for OneWeb And member of the board of directors “OneWeb NEOM JVWe are delighted to partner with the Bunnia Group to provide communications services at an appropriate cost to the largest possible number of people in the region, especially for areas hitherto lacking high-speed internet connectivity, and this represents a huge leap forward in the delivering communication services via the latest satellite technologies OneWeb LEO enabled by OneWeb NEOM JV.”


About the structure

Bunya Group is a leading organization in the design and implementation of integrated telecommunication infrastructure and digital transformation solutions and products in Egypt, the Middle East and the African continent. The Bunya Group, through its advanced professional and institutional system, provides a rich array of digital products, services and solutions for the technology value chain on which developed countries and institutions depend. This package includes technical communication services and solutions related to information security, massive data and information platforms, design and implementation of integrated technology systems and proactive technical solutions.

As regards OneWeb

To work “One Web” Enabling connectivity for governments, businesses and societies. It operates a group of low-Earth orbit satellites and establishes a ground system of global service provider stations and a group of user communication terminals to provide an affordable, high-speed, high-bandwidth, short-latency communication service that facilitates communication with the future Internet. of Things and 5G systems and networks for everyone, wherever they are.

As regards OneWeb NEOM JV

† is formed OneWeb NEOM JV In October 2021 to provide high-speed satellite connections to NEOM, Saudi Arabia, the Middle East and neighboring countries.

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