Britney Spears won’t ‘forget’ Kelly Clarkson’s comments about her 2007 slump

Well, here’s a feud we didn’t see coming. Britney Spears calls out Kelly Clarkson for comments she made about her in 2007. Although the events took place 15 years ago, the talk show host’s words clearly hurt the feelings of the “Gimme More” singer — and we know how much she’s been through in the past decade.

Clarkson’s comments took place as Spears struggled with her mental health and everything around her was just going wrong — definitely a low point in her life. During a Q100 interview promoting her My December album, Clarkson discussed Spears’ album black out (often considered the best of her career) and joked, “Man, but wouldn’t it be funny if she’s just screwing everyone around?” Outside of her much-discussed MTV VMA appearance in 2007, Spears didn’t promote the album, but Clarkson had more thoughts about her situation.

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“Because it would be really funny if they were like, ‘Just kidding!’ would say,” she continued. “I mean, think about it. She didn’t do any press for her album, which I love by the way… She hasn’t done any press, just gets so much press from all this other stuff. We have to remember that this was the pinnacle of the paparazzi and sex tape era, so it’s possible that someone will get the idea that this was a publicity stunt. But fast forward to 2022, we know the sad reality of what Spears went through – and she was a long-awaited response for Clarkson.

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In an Instagram post modeling a neon green dress for Bazzi’s single “Mine,” Spears addressed Clarkson’s 15-year-old words. “‘I don’t forget’… wouldn’t you like her to say she’s kidding???” She wrote: “Clarkson…in a world where bullying is heartbreaking, I’ve had my share…. Can we get an AWW??? Psss…I’m not kidding…play on friends, play on!!!” There’s no response from Clarkson yet, but we wouldn’t be surprised if she contacted her fellow pop star. It could be an opportunity for the women to connect through music as there is nothing more healing than a soulful collaboration.

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