Britney Spears’ father struck a deal with TriStar Entertainment so they could take advantage of the singer, lawyer says

Britney Spears’ lawyer Mathew Rosengart has said the singer’s former business manager is lying about his involvement with Jamie Spears’ 13-year conservatorship of the famed singer and that he is refusing to provide critical documents about his conduct.

Someone is clearly lying

TMZ has obtained legal documents filed by Rosengart saying that TriStar Entertainment made more than $18 million during the years of Britney’s conservatorship, adding that the former manager lied to the judge by claiming he was not involved in the founding of the conservatory.

Britney’s Dad Borrowed Money From TriStar

The attorney has made public that before Jamie Spears went to court and became his daughter’s temporary guardian, he borrowed at least $40,000 from TriStar, which at the time was a fairly obscure company and did not represent any other celebrities.

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conditional loan

Rosengart thinks the money depended on Jamie getting the money and TriStar getting Britney’s business.

The attorney wants TriStar to produce all documents related to the case, but the company wants a judge to block that move.

TriStar denies having anything to do with the conservatory

TriStar owner Lou Taylor reportedly said his company “played no part in creating custody of Britney Spears”.

“When custody was instituted by this court in early 2008, TriStar had no role in Ms. Spears’s affairs,” Robin Greenhill, Taylor’s partner, said in the affidavit.

Reveal emails

Rosengart says it’s not true, citing an email from Lou Taylor to Jamie in January 2008, before the custody order was instituted, in which she wrote: “he [attorney Andrew Wallet] and TriStar will serve as COs [i.e., co-conservators] with you.”

Taylor wrote another email to another attorney before the custody date, saying, “Looking forward to working with you.”

Emails have surfaced

While one of Britney’s father’s lawyers emailed Taylor before going to court and filing custody, saying: “We’ve had a problem with [the] selection of judges… the only judge who can hear our case on Friday is the only dope [sic] that doesn’t give Jamie the authority to administer psychotropic drugs.”

What do they want the TriStar papers for?

With those papers, the singer’s lawyer tries to determine the possible role of TriStar in secretly monitoring Britney’s communications.

He also wants to review TriStar’s communication with Jamie Spears about his behavior at the conservatory.

It is up to a judge to determine whether the company should hand over the documents.

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