British railway union boss Mick Lynch declares James Connolly his political hero

Union boss Mick Lynch, who made headlines during his several TV appearances on the British railway strike, has proclaimed James Connolly his political hero.

ynch has become a small party after leaving presenters including Piers Morgan, Kay Burley, Richard Madeley and Robert Jenrick, as well as Tory MPs clashing on TV.

Asked in a UK TV interview “Who is your political hero?” Lynch replied, “James Connolly.”

He then asked the interviewer, “Do you know who he is?”

When the interviewer asked for an explanation, he added: “An Irish Socialist Republican. He taught himself and started non-sectarian union movements in Ireland. He was a hero of the Irish Revolution.

As general secretary of the National Union of Rail, Maritime and Transport Workers (RMT), Mr. Lynch was a key figure in the dispute over jobs, wages and conditions.

About 40,000 members of the RMT were involved in Tuesday’s action, which left only about 20% of trains running across the country.

More strikes are planned for today and Saturday, although talks to resolve the dispute are ongoing. Meanwhile, Mr Lynch has become a fixture on TV screens, where he has been praised for his tough, no-nonsense approach.

The calm, astute and determined 60-year-old has become something of a working man’s hero, recently appearing on Thursday’s Good Morning Britain to chat with Adil Ray and Charlotte Hawkins about the latest developments.

While eager to stay informed about the discussions surrounding the strike, Adil was also interested in knowing whether Mr Lynch would consider a career switch.

Towards the end of the interview, he said: “This week, in just a few days, you have been described as having a huge political voice – perhaps bigger than some of the political voices we have in this country.

“Have you considered a career in politics, could this be the next step for you after figuring out what’s going on at the RMT?” he added.

Mr Lynch declined to harbor the idea and simply replied, “My job is to represent my members and get them a deal in this dispute and that’s what I’m focusing on.”

Impressed by viewers, Lynch was too honest to be a politician.

On Twitter, one person posted: “Mick Lynch can’t be Prime Minister. He talks way too much sense and speaks the truth! #GMB.”

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