Britain’s Got Talent’s Marc Spelmann breaks silence over rumors he and Stephen Mulhern are the show’s Witch and Phantom

BRITAIN’S Got Talent’s Marc Spelmann has finally put to bed the rumors that he’s behind the terrifying Witch and Phantom acts.

The magician, who made the semifinals in 2018 and placed second the following year as the mysterious Magician X, has been associated with the two ghostly characters since their auditions last month.


Marc Spelmann Finally Revealed He Was Neither The Witch Or The Ghost On BGTCredit: Rex Features
The witch scared the audience


The witch scared the audienceCredit: Rex

However, in a new exclusive interview with The Sun, Marc has made it clear once and for all: he’s neither act.

He continued to insist that “they are 110 percent me”, he said: “I don’t think the witch is a wizard. It is said that it is Stephen Mulhern, but Stephen Mulhern is six feet, he is quite tall and I can don’t see him in that outfit.

“And the Phantom…I have no idea at all of the Phantom’s real identity.”

He laughed: “There was someone who made a joke and said ‘is Marc Spelmann one of the Teletubbies?’ That would have been more my style. Let’s go all the way left of center.”

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However, he was full of praise for both performers, calling the Phantom “clever” and the Witch “creepy as anything”.

Prior to the auditions, Marc and co-finalist 2019 Ben Hart were involved with the show in an advisory role to help producers decide which magic acts should come before the judges.

They were only told loosely about acts being considered and gave their expert opinion on whether they were exciting and fresh enough to put on stage.

Marc said: “A lot of the team BGT are not magic experts. They have a dedicated magic talent consultant called Russ Stevens who is brilliant but that’s one person who oversees many different acts.

“If they put up every act that auditioned for the show, a series of BGT would last nine months, there are just so many acts to go through.

“Once it goes into production, it gets super secretive.”

Judge Amanda Holden played a major role in both the Phantom and Witch acts.

She screamed in terror as an apple full of roaches and other woes disintegrated in front of her during the Witch’s audition.

Last night she was transported to the world of the Phantom, ‘disappearing’ in another realm where she explained to him one of David Walliam’s childhood memories before returning to the studio.

Although she played her part perfectly, Marc is convinced she had no prior knowledge of the act.

He said: “The Phantom is a voice, so the only thing Amanda would have heard through all the parts is a voice and probably roamed in the dark.

“For Amanda, it could have been more confusing than looking outside. It’s like going on a ghost train, I imagine, going into the darkness.

“So she doesn’t participate that way. Of course there’s a role for her to play, but you don’t know the mechanics. In many ways, it’s not as much fun watching it because you don’t understand what’s happening.”

Neither scary act made it to the finals, and Marc prefers other performers to grab a wildcard for Saturday’s showpiece.

His number one pick is young singer Immi Davis, whom he called “superb” after singing a cappella at Simon Cowell’s request.

And she’s closely followed by nine-year-old Ryland Petty whose Rubik’s Cube illusion made an impression.

However, there will be no definitive return for Marc. He remains a huge fan of the show, but has no plans to return for a third bite at BGT glory. Instead, he’s looking forward to seeing what new acts will appear in the future.

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He said: “I think the general British public has been very kind to me and I will bow to it. I have enjoyed my time on BGT. It has been a roller coaster ride, very different experiences both times. One year was very personal, a year two I was like the Darth Vader of BGT, I didn’t speak to anyone I wore a mask to all the time.

“It’s such a great opportunity to shine and I think my time is up.”

Marc thinks Stephen Mulhern is too tall to be the witch


Marc thinks Stephen Mulhern is too tall to be the witchCredit: Rex
The Act of The Phantom included Amanda Holden and David Walliams


The Act of The Phantom included Amanda Holden and David WalliamsCredit: ITV

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