Britain’s Got Talent viewers call for pro stars to be banned as Amazon Prime comedian wins

The opera singer, busker and father of Britain’s Got Talent from Sheffield was heartbroken during Sunday night’s final as he failed to make the top three in the public vote – and professional comedian Axel Blake took the crown instead.

The father, who perfected his craft after working on street corners for years, was strongly tipped by the bookmakers to win the entire match.

But despite Maxwell winning his semi-final earlier this week and performing in the coveted final slot of the evening, the dad didn’t even make the last three of the public vote.

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And Axel Blake was the winner, taking first place in the public vote.

The professional comedian previously had a stand-up show on Amazon Prime Video and played to crowds at the O2 Arena.

Simon Cowell’s Golden Buzzer act was overall the winner—and it immediately had viewers screaming “fix” and demanding a rule change to ban professional acts from appearing on the show in the future.

In another shock twist, The Greatest Showman’s recording artist and professional vocalist Loren Allred didn’t even make the final three and thus ultimately had no chance of winning the final.

Simon Cowell had told Sheffield’s Maxwell Thorpe after his performance: “This is a big deal but it’s just your luck that you would have run this every other year but there are really 5 or 6 people in the race and I don’t have any idea how it will go.

“But well done for spending all that time on the pavement preparing, and I honestly think this is my favorite final I’ve ever judged.”

Loren Allred, who has a net worth of $2 million, sang an original song in Britain’s Got Talent final

And fans were quick to chime in on the result.

@Dee332093962 said: “#BGT what a total fix…pathetic…every other act was better than him…what a coincidence it was Simon’s golden buzzer act they can say everyone won…you see it never got the votes!!””

@Xyroplex said: “The ugliest comedian even wins #BGT. So it’s no surprise he was Simon Cowell’s golden buzzer act. #fix #BritainsGotTalent”

@wilbuuh said “what a joke he sold out the damn o2 arena he should be allowed on the show.”

@dunknor said: “Can’t say I’m surprised, he was Simon’s golden buzzer and already has a show on Amazon Prime”.

Stormy T said, “MAY the rules be changed and the contestants checked BEFORE they audition and ANYONE with a record deal, whether signed to Amazon (like Axel) or NOT ALLOWED to audition.”

@ScottParkes16 said: “Well done Axle, very funny guy and a great set. At least we know what to expect next year. Signed professionals and seasoned professionals, @BGT has lost its soul and its way”

@camscbo said “hahaha could hear the crowd there boo at the end why is itv drowning it out with recordings of cheers”

@Christopher Ball said “no, another witnessed fixture, not even funny! I’d ask for a refund if I had to pay to see this “comedian”

@julianhiliare said “I feel sorry for non-professional acts who were good enough for half a seat, didn’t get one and may be giving up now”

@Liam Mcallister said “Remember when bgt was about naming original unknown amateurs”

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