Britain. Security readiness to counter terrorist threats

Dina Mahmoud (London)

Senior British security sources revealed that authorities in the country have raised a state of alarm with the arrival of the annual celebration of “Christmas”, which the UK and other Western countries are witnessing from next Sunday until the start of the new year, for fear of possible terrorist attacks during that period.
The sources indicated that anti-terrorism units have tightened security measures and reinforced their armed forces across Britain, in tandem with the influx of shoppers into key commercial areas in cities and towns to buy essentials for the holiday season, amid fears of the possibility of attacks by ‘lone wolves’. She owes allegiance to the terrorist organization ISIS.
These measures include the deployment of more police officers on the streets and the erection of additional barriers and fortifications to prevent potential run-overs in cities such as Newcastle and York, located in the North West and North East of England respectively. .
In recent years, several Western countries have witnessed bloody terrorist attacks associated with the “Christmas” period, and some of them have been carried out in special shopping areas, with the demands of this time of year.
British anti-terrorism police sources said there are fears that the new leader of the terrorist organization “ISIS”, Abu Al-Hussein Al-Husseini Al-Qurashi, will plan to carry out “vicious attacks” in the West. , to make his “mark” after being chosen to lead this movement. The terrorist organization a few weeks ago, after the assassination of its former leader, Abu al-Hasan al-Hashimi al-Qurashi.
In statements published on the website of British newspaper The Mirror, an unidentified security source said: “It is likely that the new leader of ISIS will try to carry out such attacks”, stressing that “Britain is absolutely is a target” for such attacks. attack.
In the same context, former British military intelligence officer Mike Tabb warned that terrorist threats usually increase in conjunction with Western occasions of a religious nature, citing Christmas.
For her part, Helen Millichap, Acting Senior National Coordinator for Anti-Terrorism Police Preparedness and Protection in Britain, called on citizens to work with authorities to maintain security in their areas, given that they “are and neighborhoods better than anyone, making them more capable.” To keep an eye on anything suspicious.
Millichap indicated that Britain’s security services receive about 10,000 reports per year regarding the existence of potential security threats, saying that 20 per cent of these reports contain “useful intelligence information”.
The senior British security official added that authorities in the United Kingdom are “working day and night to monitor possible terrorist activity”, highlighting that the relevant agencies in the country had previously thwarted 37 terrorist plots that were in the final stages . since 2017.

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