Breaking Bad Creator Wanted GTA-Like Game Based On Show

A photo shows Walter White and Jessie looking back while sitting in a car.

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One of the most acclaimed and popular TV shows of the past decades was: Breaking Bad on AMC. lts spin-off, You better call Saul, has also been hugely popular and successful. Now, go ahead SaulIn the latest installment of the series, the creator behind both shows, Vince Gilligan, confirmed that there were plans and efforts to create a video game set in the Breaking Bad universe, but it never happened. And he warns those who still want a game not to hold their breath.

As noted by ComicBook.comGilligan appeared in a recent episode of the Inside the Gilliversum podcast to talk about the latest episodes of You better call Saul, Breaking Bad’s legacy, and the future of the franchise and its characters. But at one point in the podcast, Gilligan was asked about the lack of… Breaking Bad video games and whether they would have ever wanted to make a game set in that universe. Surprisingly, Gilligan was very candid, admit they had tried to get a game madebut that for various reasons it just never happened.

“I’m not much of a video game player, but how could you not know that?” Grand Theft Auto?” said Gilligan on the podcast. “I remember saying to the boys:[who are] to run Apple now… who originally said yes to Breaking Bad– ‘Who owns Grand Theft Auto? Can’t have a module, can’t be? Breaking Bad [add-on]?’ Still seems logical to me!”

It seems Gilligan is suggesting that he or his people at some point contacted Rockstar Games about making something based on: Breaking Bad, although he says he’s not a big gamer, it’s unclear. Regardless of who he talked to about making a GTA-Like it Breaking Bad game, it never happened. And this isn’t the only time a Breaking Bad game was discussed, planned and eventually shelved.

“There have been quite a few attempts at video games,” Gilligan said. “And some of them kind of marketed. We tried to do a VR experience with the Sony PlayStation VR headset. We did a mobile game that took a while…

Inside The Gilliverse – S3E15 Vince Gilligan & Peter Gould – Closing BCS

According to Gilligan, a lot of “energy, effort and talent” went into writing new storylines for various games that never happened. And while a mobile game was released, it took barely a year before it stopped with little fanfare in 2020. As for why none of these projects and planned games ever happened, it seems to come down to a simple fact: Video games are hard to make.

“Making a video game is damn hard, from the little I’ve learned in the process,” admitted Gilligan. “It literally takes years and years and millions of dollars, especially if you’re trying to break new ground with VR and stuff. Never quite got off the ground. It’s a shame.”

Another possible roadblock is that Gilligan and his team are very concerned about making sure something is wrong with the Breaking Bad name on it meets their high quality standards. During the podcast, he joked about the notoriously bad ET game for the Atari 2600, joking that they didn’t want a game based on the show that was so bad it ended up in a desert. Instead, any game that Breaking Bad characters and set in that world should be “great” and contain all the details.

With all that said and with You better call Saul finish later this month, plus Gilligan saying he has no plans to revisit the franchise soon, it seems unlikely the world will see the Breaking Bad game it deserves. Gilligan even warned those of you who may be waiting for a… GTAlike game starring Walter White that you shouldn’t “hold your breath” that it ever happens at this point.

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