Brand synergy eats its own tail as The Office recreates its intro with Minions

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Welcome friends, to the Steve Cariot Vortex—that place where all Steve CarAll the fandoms converge into one unholy singularity of comedy (with the occasional dramatic twist). In this magical wonderland of brand synergy“That’s what she said” and “Welcome to Marwen” can interact with each other in perfect harmony; you can love lamp, 40 year old virgins, and catching foxes everything in one fell swoop. And you can naturallyenjoy a professionally crafted, officially licensed version of The office opening recreated by the Minions of minionsbecause hey, why in steve’s name couldn’t you do that thing?

Minions Opening Credits – The Office US

Hence the above video, posted, not to the depths of Tik Tok or some bizarre fan channel, but to the official one The office YouTube pagefeaturing the various interchangeable yellow monsters you know and fear from Carell’s Despicable Me franchise instead invade Scranton, apparently working in a paper company run by Carell’s character Gru –who is supposedly ready? To get up when the second minions movie ever actually manages to come out

If nothing else, it’s a staggering amount of thought and effort to put into such a weird concept; eagle-eyed viewers will see references to a whole series Office in-jokes, including a “Prison Mike” callback, that time Dwight wore a terrifying human face maskand of course, the famous “Kevin’s famous chili” scene† (Does it drive us crazy? that the Minion who drops the chili is named Otto, instead of Kevin? Trick question, honey: we’re already in the Steve Carell Vortex!) You’ll also see a Pam Minion and a Jim Minion sucking face for a second, just in case that was something you needed to fill out your personal sexual awakening bingo card this afternoon.

The much delayed Minions: The Rise of Gru expected to be released on July 1, 2022; meanwhile, we cherish the hope that the Minions will address Carell’s turn as: Shameis Donald Rumsfeld, next.

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