Boy, 7, dragged and killed by crocodile while playing near river with sisters – World News

The little boy was crouched by the water when the huge 20-foot crocodile grabbed him by the head and dragged him into the water as his shocked family looked on helplessly

The six-foot crocodile grabbed the seven-year-old by the head and dragged him into the water

A young boy was dragged into a river and devoured in front of his terrified sisters by a monstrous 20-foot crocodile.

Mohd Adammi Moktar, seven, was playing with his older sisters, ages 11 and 12, when the giant reptile was launched from the river near their home in Brunei.

Their grandmother, Bibah Harup, was alerted to the danger by the girls’ terrifying screams and arrived in time to see the crocodile dragging the boy under the head by the head.

Bibah, 48, told the Borneo Post: “I heard my two granddaughters say ‘Boyak! Boyak!’ (Crocodile! Crocodile!) and turned quickly to see the crocodile clamping its jaws on my grandson’s head.

“That’s when I saw his arms and legs swing out of the reptile’s jaw.”

Shocked Bibah Harup and her granddaughters watched as the boy was dragged to his death


She added that the family had often seen the crocodile swimming in the waters near their home, but never imagined it would be close enough to attack.

It is believed that Mohd was crouching near the water’s edge when the crocodile suddenly attacked.

A team of nearly 30 people from the fire service, the Safety Water and Rescue Team and the police have joined the search for the boy’s body.

Sarawak Fire and Rescue Department Zone 1 chief Yusri Basri added that they had seen three more crocodiles hiding in the water during their search.

Search teams continue to search the river for his body



He added: “We fear there could be many more crocodiles in the area.

“Given the warm weather now, it may be the season for the reptiles to surface, mate or find food to survive.

“Therefore, my advice to the residents of the riverbanks is to always exercise caution when conducting riverside activities.”

Earlier this month, a man on a tour of Australia saved himself from a deadly crocodile with only one free hand.

The adventurer, 40, was swimming in Queensland’s Adels Grove on Sunday when… the freshwater crocodile came out and clung to one of his hands.

The man accidentally scare the crocodile when he swam behind a waterfall near Boodjamulla National Park.

The river bank at the family’s house


But he managed to wrestle free despite the beast holding one of its hands with its razor-sharp teeth.

Crew officer Greig Allan of RACQ Lifeflight Rescue said the man was lucky to escape with his life.

He added: “He tried to get himself into a waterfall and didn’t see the crocodile.

“So when he extended his hand, the crocodile was startled and clung to his arm.

“He had cuts on his arm and he managed to wrestle free, which is just amazing, with one good hand, but in the process he caused a lot of other injuries, stab wounds to both hands.”

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