Boris Johnson News – Latest: No. 10 Rejects Call for Emergency Cost of Living Budget

‘People will go hungry’: Gordon Brown calls for urgent action on the cost of living crisis’

Boris Johnson has rejected calls to introduce an emergency cost of living budget, restore regular Cobra assemblies and recall parliament amid pleas for urgent intervention.

Johnson’s official spokesman said such matters are instead up to “a future prime minister to decide”, adding that the outgoing prime minister has “no plans” to sit down with hopeful leaders Liz Truss and Rishi Sunak. to discuss emergency measures.

It comes after former Prime Minister Gordon Brown claimed there was a “vacuum” at the center of the government, preventing it from addressing the financial crisis affecting families.

The ex Labor leader told Good morning Great Britain: “Someone has to be in charge. And it’s not just that they sleep behind the wheel – there’s no one behind the wheel right now.”

And keep talking Sky News this morning, Mr Brown warned that children will be forced to go to school “ill-dressed and malnourished” if the government does not take action to support people by September 1.


No 10 to help Partygate probe

Downing Street has said it remains committed to assisting a parliamentary inquiry into whether Boris Johnson lied to MPs about lockdown parties in No. 10.

Leading allies of the Prime Minister, including Culture Minister Nadine Dorries, have attacked the Commons Privileges Committee’s investigation, labeling it a “witch hunt”.

But the prime minister’s official spokesman said No. 10 was standing by to assist the commission in its investigations – and could continue to do so after Mr Johnson leaves office next month.

“There is a process for this. We will respond to the work of the Privileges Committee in due course. We want to look closely at this and stick to the process,” said the spokesperson.

“This is something that Parliament has voted for. We will assist the committee in their investigation so that they can bring it to a successful conclusion.

“In that case, we expect the committee to abide by the rules.”


Liz Truss Reverses: All those times her policies have been ‘misinterpreted’

Liz Truss’s team has again claimed its policies have been “misinterpreted”, opening the doors to another U-turn.

The Tory leadership favorite is taking shape, with the theme of policies being put forward and then dumped after their implications become apparent.

Ms Truss has been called for flip-flops on a range of policies, from Brexit to abolishing the monarchy.

Here Jon Stone take a look where she stands:


Rishi Sunak video promising to overturn EU rules labeled ‘absurdly stupid and irresponsible’

A campaign video for Rishi Sunak’s Tory leadership bid, which promises to shred thousands of EU rules and regulations, has been labeled “absurdly stupid and irresponsible”.

The former chancellor has vowed to repeal or replace more than 2,000 laws before the next general election as part of an anti-Brussels “arms race” with rival Liz Truss.

The foreign minister promised to abolish or replace all regulations even faster by the end of 2023, despite warnings of disruptive “chaos” from lawyers, business leaders and union bosses.

In an effort to master the Truss on Brexit policy, Sunak has now shared a video showing dummy documents sent through a shredder to Beethoven’s Ode to Joythe EU song.


Johnson will ‘comply’ with Partygate’s investigative process

No 10 refused to back Nadine Dorries’ calls for the Privileges Committee’s investigation into claims he lied to parliament about Partygate.

Dorries has called on the four Tory MPs on the committee to withdraw from “this Machivellian process”, with prime minister allies reportedly calling the probe a “witch hunt” and a “kangaroo court”.

When asked if Johnson wanted the investigation to be halted, his official spokesperson said No. 10 “wanted to abide by the process,” adding, “We will assist the commission in their investigations.”


‘Enough is enough’: Mick Lynch leads campaign to fight cost of living crisis – watch

‘Enough is enough’: Mick Lynch leads campaign to fight cost of living crisis


No 10 does not mean whether PM paid for summer vacation

Downing Street would not confirm whether Boris Johnson paid for his summer vacation out of his own pocket.

The caretaker prime minister and his wife reportedly enjoyed the “soothing energy” of a mountain villa in Slovenia last week.

When asked whether Johnson paid for the trip himself, his official spokesperson said that “no taxpayer money was used for this,” adding that it was a private matter.

When asked if this meant Johnson paid for it himself, the No. 10 spokesperson said he didn’t know how the vacation was paid for.

But any returns would be properly filed if Johnson is required to register the trip as a gift.


Prime Minister charged with ‘shrug’ over living costs

Labor accused Johnson of “shrugging his shoulders” in the face of the rising cost of living.

Shadow Chancellor Rachel Reeves MP said: “People are very concerned about how they will pay their bills and do their weekly shopping and all this Tory Prime Minister is doing is shrugging his shoulders.

She added: “An economic crisis like this requires strong leadership and urgent action – but instead we have a Tory party that has lost control and is stuck with two continuity candidates who can only offer more of the same.”

Labor has also attacked the “zombie” Tory government, when Johnson returned from work on holiday on Monday.

The caretaker prime minister and his wife reportedly enjoyed the “soothing energy” of a mountain villa in Slovenia last week.


NHS crisis can’t wait for new prime minister, health secretary admits

The NHS in England can’t wait for a new prime minister to tackle the “very serious challenges” it faces in the autumn and winter, the health minister has said.

Steve Barclay said key decisions, including whether or not to hire more staff from abroad, had not been made before the outcome of the Conservative leadership contest.

The recently appointed health secretary said it will take a “real sprint” before winter to protect the NHS from an expected influx of patients.

“We have very real challenges on the track in the fall and winter, and as far as I’m concerned there needs to be a real sprint within Whitehall, and in particular the Department of Health, to be ready for September,” said Mr Barclay. The Telegraph.


Watch: Who are Don’t Pay UK and what do they do?

Who are Don’t Pay UK and what do they do?


Boris Johnson will not comment on cost of living as he rejects emergency budget pleas

Boris Johnson has rejected pleas to intervene in the cost of living crisis, rejected calls for an emergency budget, regular Cobra meetings and a recall of parliament.

Gordon Brown has warned that children will be forced to attend school “ill-dressed and malnourished” if the government does not act now to help people through the inflation crisis.

But No. 10 rejected the former Labor Prime Minister’s demand for Cobra crisis meetings on the economy – saying it was up to “a future prime minister to decide whether and what measures are needed”.

Adam Forrest has more on this breaking story:

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