Bold Beautiful Has Recast Kelly Spencer With Remington Evans

See why Bold & Beautiful recast an important legacy character with just the right actress

As viewers know, Steffy is taking some time off with her kids Kelly and Hayes, but when they return to Los Angeles, we’ll see a new face in the mix. The bald and the handsome has once again recast the role of Kelly – this time with Remington Evans, who plays Gigi Hawkins in the FOX series The inhabitant† Sophia Paras Mckinlay previously played the part and was last seen before the family went on a trip abroad.

Krista Allen (Taylor) brought fans on the news by posting an adorable video with Evans from the hair and makeup room, sharing, “Conversations with my TV granddaughter.”

In the video, Evans explained how she can cry during a scene, saying, “First think about something that’s really disturbing,” to which Allen replied, “What’s the most shocking thing… Like ran out of chips? There’s not more… Oh my God, that would make me cry.’

To continue the fun, Allen wondered, “What’s the happiest thing you can think of?” then replied, “If there’s a full bag of chips!”

Allen commented “how good” Evans was, saying, “You should become an acting coach.”

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They also talked about their favorite places to go, after which Allen thanked Evans again for her “acting tips” and asked, “Do I pay you? Venmo you?” But Evans made it clear that none of that was necessary, as her service was “free.”

To close the video, a question popped up on the screen asking, “Why aren’t you married to Grandpa?” to which Allen cheekily replied, “I like it, had your man, Brooke.”

Oops! Too much information?

Apparently, as listeners could hear an abrupt record cue burning, followed by crickets chirping. Allen then jumped out of her chair and ran over to give her new little co-star a big welcome – so cute!

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