BMW partners with Amazon to put new voice assistant in cars

BMW has partnered with Amazon to provide drivers with a smart voice assistant that can manage verbal tasks while keeping drivers focused on the road.

The automaker said its voice assistant functionality will be built on Amazon’s Alexa technology and allow drivers to do things like control music, check the weather or manage smart home devices while on the go.

Tech platforms’ voice assistant tools have become commonplace on smartphones and laptops and are available through a range of other wearable or wearable technologies. Voice assistants now also become virtual passengers.

“Alexa technology will enable an even more natural dialogue between driver and vehicle, allowing drivers to focus on the road ahead,” BMW senior vice president Stephan Durach said in a statement on Wednesday. “This will take the digital experience to a whole new level.”

BMW introduced a voice assistant earlier in 2018 that focused on vehicle and service issues. The automaker said customers can choose whether to use the BMW vehicle-focused assistant or Alexa separately, or both voice assistants together.

The new voice assistant that combines Amazon and BMW’s technology will be available in launch vehicles within the next two years, according to BMW.

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