Blue Yeti Nano Sale: Get 30% Off the Compact Version of Our Favorite Microphone

Through years of testing, the Blue Yeti has largely been considered the gold standard in USB microphones. It consistently delivers warm, clear vocal recordings, preserving every detail of our voice without any distortion or crackling. If you’re looking for an alternative that matches the quality and versatility of the Blue Yeti, consider the smaller Blue Yeti Nano.

Delivering impressive audio in a compact package, the Blue Yeti Nano is an affordable option that doesn’t skimp on quality.

The Blue Yeti Nano is a cheaper and more compact version of the Blue Yeti, which earned the title of our favorite general purpose microphone. You get equally good sound quality and a more portable design, but you also only get two recording modes instead of four, making the Nano less versatile than its bigger sibling.

The sound quality of this microphone ensures that you sound professional and lively during important business calls and presentations, while being rich enough for high-quality podcasts, YouTube videos and Twitch streams. It also sounds better than some microphones that cost significantly more. Taking into account the handy controls and sturdy, versatile design, and you’ve got the best overall microphone for the money.

Compared to the larger Yeti, the Nano has two condensers instead of three and only two different sound modes instead of four. These are small sacrifices for a premium microphone without the premium price – especially if portability is a priority for you. The Nano, which regularly costs $99.99, is now just $69.99 at Amazon and Best Buy, the lowest price we’ve seen for this model.

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