Blood moon 2022: how to see the total lunar eclipse in York

The moon will turn a red color if it is exactly aligned with the Earth and the sun in a total lunar eclipse.

During the solar eclipse, sunlight hitting the moon is first filtered by Earth’s atmosphere, scattering blue light while red light passes through it.

But the big question is: Will the sky in York be clear enough to see the Blood Moon’s total lunar eclipse?


When is the Blood Moon 2022?

According to Science Focus, the lunar eclipse will be visible from the UK on Monday, May 16. The event kicks off at 2:32am, totality kicks off at 4:29am and lasts nearly 85 minutes.

The BBC magazine recommends sitting down after 3:30 am to watch the eclipse – this is the start of the visual phase when, weather permitting, the moon starts to turn red.

How to see the Blood Moon in York

As always, the best chance of seeing a full moon is on a clear night away from any light pollution.

Unfortunately, the forecast for York on Monday morning is cloudy – not quite the clear skies we’d hoped for, but there’s still a chance you’ll catch a glimpse through a break in the clouds.

:: Visit the Met Office website to see the full forecast for Monday’s Blood Moon.

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