BJP to get Gujarat back in state assembly polls by year’s end

By Sushil Kutty

A poll puts the Bharatiya Janata party ahead of Congress and AAP in the upcoming parliamentary elections in Gujarat, scheduled for December 2022, with the BJP reportedly all set to defeat both the anti- and pro-establishment governments; perhaps even a very different kind of incumbent if there is one, in the state where Narendra Modi’s ‘Gujarat model’ is still a model for top pick!

It is not possible for the Aam Aadmi party, which had defeated Punjab and Delhi earlier this year, to repeat its crackdown in Gujarat, even if the opposition broke a leg and a hand for such an outcome. A breakthrough by the AAP in the absence of a Congressional victory is the opposition’s desired outcome.

But signals from Gujarat for AAP have been muffled and the conversation mostly revolves around the dying Congress doing far better than the AAP. Congress apparently has a ghostly hold over large swaths of the Gujarat voter. And AAP chairman Arvind Kejriwal who spends more time in Gujarat than Prime Minister Narendra Modi or Wayanad Congress MP Rahul Gandhi has made no difference. The descendant from Gandhi hasn’t visited Gujarat in months, while Prime Minister Narendra Modi just jumps in and out.

Now, as of this month, Modi is back in Election Modi mode. And just as he picked up from where he left for the last municipal elections, there’s this poll/survey that gave the BJP a record seventh victory since 1995, with a total of 135-143 seats in the house of 182 members. The same poll/survey gives Congress 36-44 seats and the AAP what’s left.

According to the ABP News-CVoter poll, AAP will infiltrate the state, but the increased vote share will not translate into seats, but reward with maybe 1-2 seats at most, that’s all. In other words, a repeat of AAP’s Uttarakhand show earlier this year, where despite all the hype and fuss, there wasn’t much to see.

But the AAP supporters are not giving up hope. They cite an “IB report”, which allegedly gives the BJP fewer seats than the Punjab implant and invader from Delhi, and emphasize that an “intelligence report” must by definition and reputation be more reliable than a poll based on fragmentary data. in small sample size.

Majority of ordinary Gujaratis beg to differ. They are in favor of continuing the BJP government with Bhupendra Patel in the Chief Minister’s seat, underscoring the fact that AAP does not have a matching “Chief Ministerial face” to show off and oppose the BJP, unless Arvind Kejriwal declares himself the CM face of AAP in Gujarat.

In the months since Punjab fell to the AAP, Kejriwal has been a fixture in Gandhinagar and Ahmedabad with Surat for the record. Currently, word of mouth and “facial recognition” are running Kejriwal Gujarat’s campaign. Auto rickshaws carry his “face” to every nook and cranny. And the way he has cheated state BJP politicians keeps AAP and Kejriwal top topics of discussion in public transport and public squares.

Kejriwal has the chance of a lifetime to take advantage of the political chess pieces that take the place of their own and to his advantage. Gujarat is Modi’s home state and a defeat in Gujarat for the Prime Minister would leave Modi on shaky knees. A defeat in Gujarat will leave Modi a little weak and morally inept. Modi’s position within the BJP itself will suffer a crippling setback.

Congress Leader Rahul Gandhi Has Admitted And That’s Advantage – Kejriwal. Unlike in 2017, the Gandhi scion doesn’t even try this time. He has left Gujarat for people like Arvind Kejriwal. According to the ABP News-CVoter poll, Congress’ share of the vote in Gujarat has fallen, and so has the BJP. But AAP’s vote share is rising.

The poll says that because of the “strong AAP challenge,” the BJP and Congress’ vote share will fall below 2017 levels, while AAP’s vote share will rise to a whopping 17.4 percent. One of the questions posed to the sample was, “Who is your choice for the position of Chief Minister?” “Who is your pick for PM post if the BJP loses Gujarat?” should have been asked too, if only for ‘GK’. (IPA service)

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