BJP is now focusing on its big push in 2024

With the end of the campaign for the Gujarat Assembly elections, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has set its next target, and without wasting time, the party has organized a series of high-level meetings with ministers and office bearers to discuss preparation . for the 2024 Lok Sabha elections.

BJP National President JP Nadda has convened a “massive” meeting of all party officeholders at national and state level in the national capital on December 5-6 to discuss strategy and preparations for the 2024 and 2024 Lok Sabha elections. to discuss the 2023 meeting. elections in different states.

At the meeting, the party will also discuss ways to bring its policies and achievements to every city and village.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is likely to virtually address the closing session of the gathering on December 6.

It is also said that while campaigning for Gujarat polls, the party has already started preparing for the 2024 Lok Sabha elections.

Goa chief minister Pramod Sawant had even said during the Gujarat polling campaign that “the 2024 elections will start from here (Gujarat elections) itself”. Sawant has said at a rally in Gujarat that the BJP will get more seats than before in 2024 and that Narendra Modi will be prime minister again.

Also on social media, the party shares the achievements of the Modi government – be it EWS flats for Jhuggi residents of Delhi, Pradhan Mantri Fasal Yojna or the GST collection, the BJP shares all its achievements through the handles of the party’s social media. “This is a regular exercise by the BJP to keep posting on the developments and achievements of the government,” said a party insider.

The BJP is also keeping a close eye on Congress’ Bharat Jodo Yatra and has even dubbed it “Bharat Todo Yatra” instead.

Days before the Bharat Jodo Yatra led by Congress leader Rahul Gandhi enters Rajasthan, the BJP has kick-started its ‘Jan Aakrosh Yatra’, a mass contact program that will cover 200 constituencies in the state ahead of next year’s parliamentary elections.

Nadda also flagged down 51 ‘Jan Aakrosh Raths’ from Jaipur who will travel through various constituencies across the state.

BJP is also trying to consolidate its position among communities beyond its traditional voting bank.

Heading into the crucial 2024 elections, the BJP, which used new technologies and the country’s advancements in the digital sector to become the world’s largest political party with more than 18 crore members, has launched several programs to boost its base to compensate for possible erosions.

Immediately after taking power, it announced a series of initiatives to make the Scheduled Castes (SCs) – splintered by their allegiance to different parties – its loyal following.

Prime Minister Modi personally sent a campaign to demonstrate the BJP’s commitment to Dalit icons, paving the way for the appointment of Dalit leaders to key posts, including the President of India, as the party began organizing Conducted Dalit home visits and various outreach programs.

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