Bikini-clad women avoid crime by beating cops at Rock Paper Scissors

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The beautiful privilege strikes again.

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A group of women in bikinis claimed they evaded a crime charge by outsmarting the police in a game of rock, paper, scissors.

Footage of the dazzling defeat was shared on TikTok showing a woman playing three rounds of the game with a man in what appears to be a US sheriff’s vest, although it’s not known where the incident took place.

In the clip, posted by user @thickbwoy, the caption reads: “We got out of the crime (sic) with rock paper scissors.”

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The agent along with two other agents won the first round of the best-of-three matchup before the woman won the next two rounds.

She and her friends aboard the boat cheered loudly to celebrate the victory.

The winner in the bikini taunted the officer, who then shook hands with one of the woman’s companions, presumably @thickbwoy.

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Man on boat shaking hands with officer in another boat. (thickbwoy/TikTok)

Many commented on the situation, claiming that this is what happens to attractive, scantily clad women.

“What kind of privilege is this,” says one user, while another adds, “I hope it’s a joke because if not, there’s a privilege for you with a capital P.”

Another wrote: “the rich never get crimes tell me anything new.”

But others disputed claims that the group was involved in an actual crime.

“They wouldn’t do this with a felony, probably a simple citation for not having some sort of necessary safety equipment.”

One of them commented that maybe they were just laughing.

“People take it easy. The police were probably just having fun with people. Don’t make assumptions.”

And if you watch the whole clip, the group still gets the offense because the losing officer has the quote in his hand while playing, but during the brother’s handshake he hands over the slip of paper.

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