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The Big Breakfast made its epic return on Saturday, seeing Mo Gilligan and AJ Odudu take the lead to host the Channel 4 reboot. The duo seemed excited to be there when they welcomed former show host Denise Van Outen to the program. However, just minutes after the episode, some viewers claimed to be “turning off”.

“We’re live on Channel 4,” AJ began as the presenters introduced themselves.

Mo continued, “Your weekend is about to start like never before.”

“So come on over to our brand new home as we welcome you to The Big Breakfast.”

The crowd could be heard cheering as the presenters took their seats.

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“Welcome to The Big Breakfast,” AJ yelled through cheers of applause.

“We will be taking your Saturday mornings here from 10 a.m. to 12.30 p.m. for the next four weeks.”

“That’s right, we’re back by popular demand,” Mo explained before adding, “And we’ve moved to a brand new house in an undisclosed location.”

However, AJ accidentally revealed where the house was located.

Rosa added: “#TheBigBreakfast loves the new big breakfast, love Denise. But AJ stop yelling and slow down, can’t keep up!”

User @Sheltie went on to say, “Why does AJ Odudu have to yell? #TheBigBreakfast.”

Matty tweeted: “Just watched #TheBigBreakfast for a minute and it’s getting boring.” (sic)

“I woke up, especially for the #TheBigBreakfast, but turn it down. We don’t need screaming,” lamented @panicdragon8784.

Joel said, “#TheBigBreakfast reboot is so good! It feels fresh and contemporary, but it has that classic 90s-00s brutality and excitement!

“This is the perfect TV for the weekend and I’m so glad it’s not another cooking or sports show.”

Marverine went on to praise: “Wow! #BigBreakfast @Channel4 is really bringing some brilliant vibes right now.

“Love this @AJOdudu @MoTheComedian #channel4.”

The Big Breakfast airs on Channel 4 at 10am on Saturday.

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