Bears return to practice after an unexpected day off due to live contact

CHICAGO (CBS) — Tuesday was a real day off for the bears, but not by choice.

CBS 2’s Matt Zahn on a team back to work at Halas Hall, and how they literally learn on the job.

The Bears returned to the practice field after Tuesday’s unexpected day off, and Matt Eberflus isn’t sweating from the missed workday.

“I don’t really see it as a big problem,” he said. “What I do see, however, is this. I see that our team, our football team, has to be able to adapt, adapt and overcome, and turn in situations. How we handled this situation was great. Because our guys were okay, That’s fine – boom, and turn to the next day, and boom and go.”

The Bears apparently had too much live contact during some previous training sessions, a representative of a players’ association reported. Cole Kmet, who is the Bears union representative, thinks these are young lads and even returning players trying to stand out for a new staff.

“Look at our situation right now. We have a lot of young guys, right? New coach. New everything. Guys who come in to prove themselves, including me. If someone says you go 100 percent, you go 100 percent. I’ I’m not going to back down I’m not going to slow down First of all I don’t want to get hurt That’s how you get hurt if you don’t go 100 percent Guys want to show what they’ve got.

Coach Eberflus echoed that, saying he wants guys to be intense. They can only take the physical part to training camp when the pads come on during training camp.

They have another OTA exercise, then a mandatory mini camp next week, and then it’s camping.

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