Battle for employees sees more employers offering family support

Employers hoping to win the talent war are increasingly offering financial aid or extra leave to jobseekers looking to start a family, new data shows.

According to job site Adzuna, the number of jobs with extra leave for employees who start a family has almost doubled in some cases.

Adzuna discovered more than 4,400 jobs with shared parental leave in October, compared to 2,700 last year.

Policies targeting LGBT+ workers have also become more popular – roles promising better than legal adoption leave have doubled from 2,200 last year to 4,100 in 2022.

Last year there were no positions that offered surrogacy leave, compared to 540 now, the data shows. Adzuna also found that an additional 260 companies have introduced gender-neutral family leave since last year.

Companies have also responded to increased financial pressure on employees hoping to have a child through IVF, Adzuna found. Of the jobs listed in October, Zoopla, Dyson and the University of Exeter all provided dedicated fertility support.

Some companies have started to offer employees who have successful pregnancies a “return to work bonus”. Equitini, an outsourcing company, is one of 47 companies offering such payment.

Last year, only one Adzuna-listed company offered specific maternity leave. More than 500 employers are advertising the policy this year.

Paul Lewis, of Adzuna, said the rise in family-related benefits was driven by a tight labor market and the impact of the cost of living crisis on raising a child.

He said: “Benefits that enable and encourage women to return to work after maternity leave, or support them in their later working life, will be key to filling skills gaps – and to ensuring equitable work environments.” to create.”

Subsidized childcare was the only family-related benefit that didn’t see a peak in popularity in the past year. In 2021, more than 700 jobs provided support with (child) costs, this month that number dropped to just over 400.

The benefit remains particularly popular in local government positions, with Aberdeen City Council, Scotland Local Government and UK Research and Innovation offering it.

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