Batgirl’s most iconic costumes shine as pin-up fan art resurfaces

Re-emerged fan art by John Keaveney features Barbara Gordon’s Batgirl in an array of the hero’s most iconic costumes, setting Twitter on fire.

Since its first appearance in 1961, batgirl has worn many iconic costumes, as illustrated in a spectacular new series of fan art. From Betty Kane to Barbara Gordon, the Batgirl robe has been worn by multiple women, all of whom brought a distinct flair to their costumes. After more than 60 years of Batgirl stories, certain costumes have stuck with fans and taken on the status of classics.

The original Batgirl Bette Kane, first introduced as Batwoman’s Robin, was eventually shelved by DC’s editorial staff to reconnect Batman with his dark roots. Bette was later replaced by Commissioner Gordon’s daughter Barbara Gordon, who became the most famous version of the hero. Barbara became Oracle after being controversially shot and tortured by the Joker in Batman: The Killing Joke† Since Batgirl is an essential member of the Bat-Family, the identity was later adopted by characters such as Helena Bertinelli, Cassandra Cain and Stephanie Brown. During the New 52, ​​Barbara reprized her role as Batgirl in wildly popular storylines, including: Burnside’s Batgirl† In more recent stories, Barbara mainly operates as Oracle, but still adapts as Batgirl when needed.


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Artist John Keaveney’s art featuring Barbara in various iconic costumes resurfaced recently, appearing all over social media as fans rediscover the stunning art originally sold by and shared on Twitter by Bottleneck Gallery in 2019. These costumes include Bette Kane’s original red and green Batgirl suit and Barbara Gordon’s Bronze Age, classic black and gold, and Burnside costumes. The fan art is done in a pin-up style, with Bette and Barbara posing similarly to show the seamless progression of their famous Batgirl costumes. Differences in their poses subtly communicate the different postures of the women in each costume.

For example, Bette Kane’s Batgirl has one hand on her hip and the other against her chest as if pointing at herself. She looks confident and happy in her colorful suit, which makes her the perfect counterpart to Robin. Next up are Barbara’s Bronze Age and classic black and gold suits. In these drawings, Barbara appears to be in the middle of swinging over rooftops, honoring her crime-fighter skills. In addition, these versions of Batgirl’s costumes are based on Batman’s suit, but remain unique, implying that Barbara is a more independent hero than Bette’s Batgirl. Finally, the fan art of Batgirl’s Burnside costume shows her jumping into action while holding up a peace sign. The pose, along with the more modern suit, highlights the reinvention of Barbara’s character to match the trendy Burnside’s Batgirl run.

As an impressive character with a rich history, it’s fantastic to see such a talented performer highlight some of Batgirl’s most iconic looks. With so many other Batgirls, each with their own classic costumes, it would be incredible to see them translate into Keaveney’s style. For now, fans can check out the changes in Bette Kane and Barbara Gordon’s famous . appreciate batgirl costumes illustrating Keaveney’s art.

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Source: Bottleneck Gallery

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