Batgirl cosplay destroys the line between photography and comic book art

A gorgeous Batgirl cosplay mimics a comic book cover so perfectly it’s hard to tell the difference between the photo and the album cover.

A beautiful new bat girl cosplay mimics the cover of a comic book so perfectly it’s hard to tell the difference between the photo and the cover. Between the quality of the cosplay itself and the styling of the photo, it’s like Barbara Gordon jumped off the page in one of her iconic costumes.

Barbara Gordon debuted as Batgirl in 1967 and has been a major player in Gotham City and the DC Universe ever since. Whether fighting crime as Batgirl or as the technological intelligence expert Oracle, Babs is a force to be reckoned with, even with her complicated history. Despite her Batgirl heritage, Barbara Gordon worked for many years behind the scenes as an Oracle, doing essential coordinating and information-seeking work for the entire heroic community. Eventually, DC brought Babs back to the Batgirl mantle, and now she shares it with her two friends and fellow Batgirls, Stephanie Brown and Cassandra Cain. However, many readers would argue that Barbara Gordon is still the most iconic Batgirl to have filled the role.


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One of Barbara’s recent Rebirth-era Batgirl uniforms takes center stage in a new cosplay of Amanda Lynne, photographed here by Pat Loika. While this costume was relatively short-lived compared to Batgirl’s other Rebirth costume, which featured a purple leather jacket and yellow combat boots, the simplicity of this costume shines in this cosplay. The pose and design specifically pay homage to the cover of the Joshua Middleton variant bat girl #27, which shows Batgirl leaping through the air, Batarang in hand, in a gray bodysuit with yellow details, including her classic yellow Bat symbol.

This Batgirl cosplay blurs the line between comic book and cosplay

Batgirl has had many classic costumes over the years – and album covers that are just as iconic – and it’s exciting to see a cosplay that honors the comic book art of bat girl as much as it honors the superhero costume. Loika says in the caption that “the was mostly fun to do because of the pose and the simplicity of the layout.Those features also make this Middleton cover stand out years after it first hit the market. It’s hard to tell the difference between the photo of the costume and the cover itself, and that’s a testament to both the quality of the cosplay as the beauty of the comic art.

Barbara Gordon’s Batgirl may get a lot of attention from cosplayers, but this particular cosplay stands out for its comedic accuracy; in fact, it is so accurate that it mimics the inspiration of the cover almost exactly. Thankfully, there’s no shortage of Batgirl art to honor, and hopefully this trend will continue even as Babs teeters her identity between bat girlOracle and Barbara Gordon – and all the costumes these three identities can entail.

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Source: Pat Loika

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