Barbaric Russian TV debate on ‘how Britons sentenced to death should be executed’ – World News

A despicable debate ensued on Russian state television as Vladimir Putin’s spokeswoman Vladimir Solovyov discussed with experts what should be done with the British on death row.

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Russian state television debates execution of British prisoners

A sickening debate ensued on Russian state television as panelists debated how British fighters should be executed in a scene more akin to the Middle Ages.

Even host Vladimir Solovyov, a Vladimir Putin spokesperson who has his own show and regularly champions the current Russian regime, seemed shocked at the direction of the discussion, saying it was “chaos” to discuss how people should behave in the 21st century. be executed.

British citizens Aiden Aslin, 28, and Shaun Pinner, 48, were captured in Ukraine after traveling to fight against the Russian invasion.

She and Moroccan-born Brahim Saadoun were sentenced to death by a Russian-backed court in the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR).

They allegedly admitted “training to carry out terrorist activities”.

Russian TV debated what should happen to two British prisoners


According to reports, the so-called trial lasted just three days and the three must appeal – which they must do within a month.

Footage shared on social media by Ria Novosti on Wednesday shows a translator asking Mr Aslin if he would “plee guilty” to a criminal offense, to which he replied, “Yes.”

The video appeared to show the two Britons and the Morrocon in the dock of the Supreme Court of the pro-Russian territory.

Pinner faced tougher charges after reportedly admitting that he “seized power by force”.

Vladimir Solovyov presents a pro Putin TV show in Russia


There was a discussion on Russian state television about whether the British should be shot or hanged if sentenced to death, the Daily Star reports.

Solovyov, the presenter, asked what to do with the prisoners now: “What can the British Empire react with if two of its subjects are shot or hanged?”

The sickening debate, shared by journalist Julia Davis on Twitter, left expert Yaakov Kedmi convinced Britain’s citizens would be hanged.

“Pirates are never executed by shooting, only hanging,” he said. “Soldiers are shot, criminals are hanged.”

Shaun Pinner, 48, had fought alongside Ukrainians after the Russian invasion


social media/e2w)

Solovyov disagreed: “But we’re not dealing with pirates and this isn’t the Middle Ages, we don’t do billeting, we don’t care if we execute others by hanging.”

The discussion then moved to the history of hangings in Russia, and Kedmi’s point that there were public executions at the end of World War II was ridiculed, with Solovyov saying that times have passed.

He said: “We are in the 21st century in the center of Europe, discussing how to execute, hang, shoot or quarter mercenaries? This is the new world.

Aiden Aslin surrendered to Russian soldiers in Mariupol


social media/ EAST2WEST NEWS)

“This is chaos, we descend into chaos.”

Russia has been hit hard by sanctions from the West since it invaded Ukraine, and another expert, Malek Dudakov, suggested that instead of executing the prisoners, the British could be used as a bargaining chip to break down these economic barriers.

“Why can’t we use the current situation to offer them to Britain in exchange for Russia’s frozen assets?” he said.

“We know that their elites probably won’t go for it; they have already shown that they are unwilling to compromise, but this will set a storm in British society.”

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