Azealia Banks Calls Cardi B an “Industry Factory”, Bigs Up Debut Single –

Rapper Azealia Banks is notorious for his scathing and unfiltered commentary on various artists, celebrities and public figures, including rap star Cardi B, with whom she has engaged in a war of words on several occasions. However, Banks’s hardened attitude towards the Bronx native seems to have toned down a bit, as she recently took to social media to praise Cardi’s hit “Bodak Yellow,” which ranked it as one of the best rap records of all time. a female artist in hip-hop history.

“Yo Bodak Yellow really is still a TOP TIER female rap record,” Banks wrote. “It’s so f###### NEW YORK.”
She continued gushing over the 2017 release, adding, “It’s one of the greatest female rap records of all time,” before also giving props to BX raptress Remy Ma and Brooklyn legend Lil Kim. “And snooty by Remy Ma, whatever they say by lil Kim.” Banks also noted that while Remy Ma isn’t particularly fond of her, she’s still a fan of her attitude and personality. She even gave Asian Doll a favorable compliment when asked about the Dallas rapper.

“Asian Doll is sooooo beautiful,” she tweeted. Her breakout record must be some flying nujabes Nubian queen type sh*t. Sis is g as f**k, but with her beauty she could really give the most random spice girl zigazigah raps and body sh*t. I’m dead serious.”

However, some fans have questioned Banks’ comments in light of her past issues with Cardi.

“It’s insanely funny how fans think they know what goes on behind the scenes,” Banks wrote. ‘Or think artists care what you think about the industry we work in. I always thought bodak was yellow fire. In addition, the personal, mental and cultural glow of cardi b is solid.”

When another fan noted that Banks’s rating of Cardi indicated that the “Up” rapper was an “industry factory”, the “212” rapper agreed with the idea, albeit in the past tense, giving Cardi credit. for the constant bustle and vision she has. shown during her emergence.

“She was an industrial factory,” Banks replied. “But sister took the opportunity and drove that bastard out, gathered the right team, seized the moment and made herself a cultural mainstay. You have to respect it.”

But heated rival Iggy Azalea wasn’t so lucky to receive Banks’s warm grace, as Banks argued that Azalea had failed to take her own chance.

“Sister would really use TI for what it was worth,” she typed. “Drop the black — give fancy and a whole host of other kesha-esque joints, then give fashion mogul Victoria Beckham K***. But she’s giving the single mom thing she thought white would protect her hair.”

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