Peter Dutton is the ‘steel in the backbone’ of the Liberal government: Murray

Sky News presenter Paul Murray says the Liberal Party had to call a “metaphorical ambulance” for shadow Defense Secretary Brendan O’Connor during his debate with Defense Secretary Peter Dutton. Mr Murray said Mr Dutton “blew Labor away” during the National Press Gallery debate. “The steel in the backbone of the Liberal government is Peter Dutton,” … Read more

Adam Reynolds shines for Brisbane Broncos in 32-12 win over former team South Sydney Rabbitohs

The Brisbane Broncos have stormed past South Sydney 32-12, with Adam Reynolds playing a key role in the sinking of his former team. The Rabbitohs didn’t look good in the Olympic stadium, but that was due in no small part to the performance of the Broncos. After upset the emerging Sharks last week, the Broncos … Read more

MacLellan: ‘Rolling Thunder’ and the significance of the National War Memorial

Links to breadcrumbs Opinion Columnists Memorials can act as an important mirror, a lightning rod that reflects back to us the ideological makeup of our political community. Publication date: 05 May 2022 † 11 minutes ago † 3 minutes reading † Join the conversation Protesters gather at the National War Memorial during the ‘Rolling Thunder’ … Read more

BC must strike a balance between the booming mining sector and the need to protect taxpayers

Links to breadcrumbs Opinion Op-Ed Advice: While protections exist to prevent end-of-life taxpayers from being stuck with the cost of cleaning up mining sites, more needs to be done. The 2014 Mount Polley waste was a visceral reminder of the risks that ongoing mining operations can pose. Photo by JONATHAN HAYWARD †THE CANADIAN PRESS Article … Read more

Shopify reaches deal to buy logistics company Deliverr for US$2.1 billion – National

Through Staff The Canadian Press Posted on May 5, 2022 7:43 AM Smaller Font Reduce article font size †A Larger font Increase article font size A† Shopify Inc. says it has signed a deal to buy logistics company Deliverr Inc. to buy in a deal worth approximately US$2.1 billion. Under the agreement, Shopify will pay … Read more

Ukraine fends off Russian attacks as battle rages at Mariupol steel plant

LVIV, Ukraine (AP) – The Ukrainian army said on Thursday it has recaptured some areas in the south and repulsed Russian attacks in the east, while a bloody battle raged at a steel factory in Mariupol, where Ukrainian troops are entrenched in tunnels and bunkers , fending off a Russian attack. Ten weeks after a … Read more

Tom Cruise Walks The Red Carpet At The World Premiere Of “Top Gun Maverick” In San Diego

Reuters Videos Tom Cruise flies on aircraft carrier to launch new ‘Top Gun’ movie STORY: Cruise, who is no stranger to stunts, arrived Wednesday (May 4) by helicopter on the retired aircraft carrier Midway in San Diego, California. “Top Gun: Maverick” was originally scheduled for July 2019, but was initially delayed due to production issues. … Read more